Ronnie Magro Threatens to Run Jen Harley's Boyfriend Over With Car in Shocking Post-Arrest Text Rant!!

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On Thursday night, Jersey Shore star Ronnie Magro was arrested in L.A. on domestic violence charges.

Unfortunately, it's not the first time that Magro has found himself in such a situation.

Even more unfortunately, it seems he learned nothing from his previous brushes with the law.

It also appears that Ronnie has learned nothing from his most recent arrest, as one of his first acts upon being released from jail was sending angry, threatening text messages to Jen Harley's new boyfriend, Joe.

Jen is the mother of Ronnie's daughter and one of several exes who have accused him of abusive behavior.

Harley was not the purported victim in this case (we'll get into that below). In any case, why Ron decided to contact her boyfriend after being released from jail is anyone's guess.

But there's no mystery regarding what he said, as Joe posted screenshots of the conversation on Instagram.

Take a look:

1. Ronnie Is In Trouble ... Again

Ronnie Is In Trouble ... Again
Ronnie Magro was arrested on Thursday night for assaulting girlfriend Saffire Matos. Unfortunately, that's not the only sign that Ronnie's infamous temper still presents a major problem.

2. An Ugly Situation

An Ugly Situation
Ronnie was taken into custody but later released on $100,000 bail. Because he's still on probation for previous domestic violence charges, a conviction would almost certainly result in jail time.

3. The End of an Era

The End of an Era
Even if Ronnie is acquitted, the allegation alone will likely be enough to cost him his high-paying gig as one of the stars of MTV's Jersey Shore.

4. A History of Violence

A History of Violence
Ronnie's previous brush with the law involved Jen Harley, the mother of his daughter, whom he dated on and off for several years.

5. Scary Stuff

Scary Stuff
Following an altercation at an Air BnB in Los Angeles, Ronnie was taken into custody. He didn't serve any prison time, but he's still on probation for the incident.

6. Downfall

This time, the judge in his case will likely factor in Ronnie's history of domestic violence charges when rendering a verdict. And that's not the only way that Jen is involved in this most recent case.

7. It Just Keeps Getting Worse

It Just Keeps Getting Worse
For starters, it seems that Ronnie and Jen's 3-year-old daughter Ariana was on hand for the altercation and the arrest.

8. To the Rescue

To the Rescue
Jen posted this photo of herself consoling her daughter after she received a call to come and pick her up. She explained in the caption that she intends to hold Ariana "as long as she needs it."

9. One Bad Decision After Another

One Bad Decision After Another
Jen has a new boyfriend who's known on social media only as Joe. The Ariana connection was likely the reason behind Ronnie's unfortunate decision to send hostile text messages to Joe after he was released from jail.

10. Getting the Word Out

Getting the Word Out
Joe's involvement began with a screenshot of a TMZ article about Ronnie. "For everyone asking! No it wasn't Jen she's been home with me safe and away from that psycho!!!"

11. Downward Trajectory

Downward Trajectory
From there, things took a turn for the worse. For reasons that remain unclear, Ronnie decided to begin threatening and harassing Joe.

12. An Odd Conversation

An Odd Conversation
Joe posted screenshots of the texts that he received from Ronnie. In the first, he urges Magro to move on, and tells him that Jen no longer has feelings for him.

13. Not a Great Look

Not a Great Look
"I fked mad chicks that's why she hates lmao u fkin loser Lmaoo," Magro replied to Joe's claim that Jen hates him.

14. Rahn, Stahp!

Rahn, Stahp!
"Ur wife loves [me]. They all love me," Ronnie continues. "This is how this 'man' views you women #cancelrahn" Joe captioned the pic.

15. Oh ... No

Oh ... No
The situation deteriorated even further from there, as Ronnie raised the subject of his past altercations with Jen and issued a physical threat against Joe.

16. Not Mincing Words

Not Mincing Words
"I can't wait to run you over with a car like ur gf u [f--king] p--sy!" Magro went on. "And then go sleep on the house that's under my name and I [furniture] I bought you broke ass crackhead loser."

17. Going Off

Going Off
The remaining screenshots show Joe lambasting Ronnie for his truly abhorrent behavior.

18. He Makes a Valid Point

He Makes a Valid Point
"You couldn't even go a year on probation without smacking the sh-t out of another girl," Joe texted Ronnie. "Sooooo tough!"

19. Not That It's Acceptable at Any Age

Not That It's Acceptable at Any Age
"Late 30s still getting arrested for beating the hell out of women," Joe continued. "What a role model you are."

20. The Hits Just Keep on Coming

The Hits Just Keep on Coming
"So keep reaching, you get outa jail every platform is calling you a women beater and ur first text is to me?!!" he went on.

21. Called Out!

Called Out!
"Maybe you should be more concerned about the safety of ur child and the mother of ur daughter with your miserable $1200 child support," Joe added.

22. On the Ropes

On the Ropes
It seems Ronnie didn't even respond to that one. But that didn't stop Joe from teeing off on him even further.

23. Not Holding Back

Not Holding Back
"Since you have me blocked and want to send me death threats the moment you get out of jail and then block me after you say what you say here I am about to expose your b--ch ass once again!" Joe wrote.

24. Making It Easy

Making It Easy
It's unclear on what occasion Joe previously exposed Ronnie, but it seems he has plenty of material to work with.

25. Here We Go Again

Here We Go Again
Whatever the case, it seems we're at the beginning of what's sure to be another very dark chapter in the life of Ronnie Magro. We'd feel bad for the guy were it not for the fact that he brings this on himself!

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