9 Dogs Who Don't Know How to Properly Use Furniture

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Wait... how does this work again?!? These dogs need some assistance.

1. Couches are confusing

Couches are confusing
Wait... why can't I see the television?

2. Little help here!

Little help here!
Who's the genius who came up with this thing? It doesn't work at all!

3. Coffee table trouble

Coffee table trouble
Hmmm... why do I feel like something should go on this aside from my paws?

4. Letting it sink in

Letting it sink in
I don't get why they put plates in this thing. They block the view!

5. Quite a face plant

Quite a face plant
It's been a long day, alright? I'm gonna need a few.

6. Too much cushioning

Too much cushioning
I don't get people who say they need a little cushioning.

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