Forrest Gump Cast Photos

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The cast of Forrest Gump, 20 years later. Check in on what they've been up to in the decades since.

1. Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks
Hanks has gone on to maintain his title as one of the most beloved and bankable stars in Hollywood. He's now racked up an astonishing 5 Oscar nominations with 2 wins.

2. Sally Field

Sally Field
With nearly 50 years in Hollywood, Field remains one of the movie world's most respected actresses. Was most recently seen in Lincoln and The Amazing Spider-Man.

3. Gary Sinise

Gary Sinise
Sinise blew audiences away with his performance as Lieutenant Dan. He went on to star in Truman, Apollo 13 (again with Hanks), and nine seasons of CSI: New York.

4. Robin Wright

Robin Wright
Wright played Forrest's troubled love interest, Jenny. She currently stars on the Netflix series House of Cards.

5. Haley Joel Osment

Haley Joel Osment
Osment played Forrest's young son in the film. Sadly, after a successful run as a child star, Osment's career has all but dried up these days.

6. Mykleti Williamson

Mykleti Williamson
Williamson played Forrest's best friend, the shrimp-obsessed Bubba. He's gone on to play memorable roles in Con Air, 24, and Justified.

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