35 Awkward School Photos

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You have to see these 35 awkward school photos. And you thought YOUR school photos were bad!

1. Thumbs Up!

Thumbs Up!
We approve of this awkward school photo gallery, too.

2. Go Big Orange

Go Big Orange
Why are his shoes off? What is he wearing!? So many questions!

3. Afroman

His hair ALMOST didn't fit in the photo frame.

4. Dodge Ball

Dodge Ball
Dodge ball is serious business. Super serious. So is that shiny outfit.

5. Crazy For the Clarinet

Crazy For the Clarinet
Gold cumberbund, clarinet, huge glasses, and that HAIR! Don't forget the sequined bowtie.

6. You're KILT-ing Us!

You're KILT-ing Us!
He even won a trophy for awkward school photo!

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