25 Memorable Protest Signs From the Women's March

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Millions of people gathered in support of women's rights on January 21, 2017.  

However, this gathering was not limited to just one location. 

In fact, it was pretty much a worldwide affair. 

Scroll down for some of the best protest signs from around the world...

1. This Little Cutie

This Little Cutie
@YayorNaye uploaded "Omg. ❤ #WomensMarchCLT

2. Are Ikea Cabinets Strong?

Are Ikea Cabinets Strong?
@akahaney uploaded this delight, but are Ikea cabinets really not sturdy?

3. Geez

@TomManatos captioned the above photo, "My kind of protestor."

4. Winter Is Coming!

Winter Is Coming!
@GynoStar tweeted, "I love this sign @SarahLerner made for the #WomensMarch."

5. It's Getting Cold

It's Getting Cold
@SweetGeekling tweeted, "Proud to have marched today. Overwhelmed with thoughts. #WomensMarchdenver"

6. Science FTW

Science FTW
@LDMay tweeted, "This guy has it straight! #WomensMarchOnWashington"

7. So Bad

So Bad
@skaufman4050 tweeted, "Best. Sign. Ever. #WomensMarch #womensmarchnyc #sobadevenintrovertsarehere"

8. Tweet Nice Things

Tweet Nice Things
@morninggloria tweeted, "Attn my haters."

9. Overcomb

@TheMaxDenning tweeted, "Sign found at the Ithaca #WomensMarch We Shall Overcomb."

10. The Brits

The Brits
@CelesteHeadlee tweeted, "Appropriately labelled the most British protest sign of all time..."

11. Very Upset

Very Upset
@Nica tweeted, "Most British sign ever? #WomensMarch #womensmarchlondon"

12. Very Cross

Very Cross
@VHaberdashery tweeted, "Quite a British protest sign #womensmarch #womensmarchlondon http://ift.tt/2jZqnFu."

13. For Real?

For Real?
@CdnFreethinker tweeted, "Best #TrumpInauguration protest sign so far."


@Brandon_Bird tweeted, "My friend I've known since 2nd grade and the protest sign he made with/for his son."


@aminatou tweeted, "This is the most austin, tx thing in the world and i am so so pleased."

16. Shut Up, Donny!

Shut Up, Donny!
@Breznican tweeted, "Steve Buscemi poses with a man who turned his dismissal from The Big Lebowski into an effective #WomensMarch protest sign."

17. Harry Potter Without Hermione Granger?

Harry Potter Without Hermione Granger?
@ImmortanJo3 tweeted, "I hope someone keeps documenting these signs. Some real gems. #WomensMarchOnWashington @mkr_ultra @catehamm."

18. We Can Do It!

We Can Do It!
@Garrett_Watts tweeted, "I found the greatest protest sign at #womensmarchlosangeles :.-)"

19. Too Many Problems

Too Many Problems
@arkansasvance tweeted, "Exactly. @realDonaldTrump @TeaPainUSA @texyellowdogdem."

20. So Awful

So Awful
@hels tweeted, "My protest sign is the thing I kept saying while I was trying to decide what to put on my protest sign #WomensMarchOnWashington"

21. Investigate!

@singernews, "This, from Seattle, now my favorite protest sign ever."

22. American Nightmare

American Nightmare
"hollybdc captioned, "Women's March (Washington DC) #womensmarch."

23. Trump Tower

Trump Tower
@annehelenpetersen aptioned, "I took a lot of pictures of signs today. This might be my favorite."

24. Vain

@annehelenpeterson captioned, "I bet."

25. Supergirl

@MelissaBenoist opted to write as her Supergirl alter ego with, "💪#womensmarchonwashington."

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