21 Times Parents Have Outsmarted Their Children

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Too many times in the past, we've mocked the ridiculous actions of some very irresponsible parents.

Granted, many of them deserved such mockery. Some moms and dads out there really have to shape up.

But others have totally mastered this parenting thing, as evidenced by the amazing things they've done to their children below...

1. Not the Master of Your Domain

Not the Master of Your Domain
This is OUR domain. Know it. Respect it. Or pay the Justin Bieber-themed price.

2. A Hard Bargain

A Hard Bargain
You think you can just lose a tooth and then rake it in?!? The Tooth Fairy has other ideas.

3. LOL!!!

And may we add: LOL! How can this son ever look his parents in the eye ever again?

4. Be Grateful for the Blanket!

Be Grateful for the Blanket!
We won't be as generous next time. Consider yourselves warned.

5. You WILL Get Along

You WILL Get Along
Or else you'll have a very long day being stuck together, literally.

6. Let's Make a Deal

Let's Make a Deal
You can go surf the Internet after you do these three things. Your call, child.

7. Let's Make Another Deal

Let's Make Another Deal
This one involves actual money. It's how the world works.

8. Think You're Tough?

Think You're Tough?
Two can play this selfie game, son.

9. Cruel...

... but effective! You must admit it.

10. What Time Is It?

What Time Is It?
You tell em, Mary McFly!

11. He Asked for Cold, Hard Cash

He Asked for Cold, Hard Cash
This is literally cold, hard cash.

12. Coolest Mom Ever?

Coolest Mom Ever?
You are a lucky young man, Ryan.

13. Punishment Points

Punishment Points
This is a genius idea, pure and simple. It turns punishment into a game, while still teaching kids important life lessons.

14. Get Off the Pole!

Get Off the Pole!
Or this will be the sticker on our family car. We'll do it!

15. Just Stand There and Smile

Just Stand There and Smile
Don't turn around, honey. Just trust me. There's a beautiful background there.

16. My Love is Priceless

My Love is Priceless
And you get it everyday. Be grateful, dammit!

17. He Wears Short Shorts!

He Wears Short Shorts!
And we're guessing she never does again.

18. You Had a Good Run, Kids

You Had a Good Run, Kids
But you've moved out. And we've moved on.

19. Put Your Clothes Away!!!

Put Your Clothes Away!!!
We don't know how to make this any clearer.

20. Rules for Dating My Daughter

Rules for Dating My Daughter
Read each one. Read each one carefully. Take each one seriously.

21. Fend for Yourself

Fend for Yourself
We believe in you, kid. You can do it. You really can.

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