21 Best Tinder Messages Ever

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Take a look at the 21 best and worst Tinder messages. Some of these are so terrible they're great. But the real question is, would YOU date these senders?

1. Kim Jong NOPE

Kim Jong NOPE
This wins Tinder. Forever and ever.

2. Big Spender

Big Spender
There's something about this incredibly cheap date that almost seems intriguing. Until the part about roleplaying Twilight, that is. Dibs on sparkles!

3. Chat Roulette

Chat Roulette
A/S/L? Remember that?

4. Dance Dance Revolution

Dance Dance Revolution
Are those...dancing chickens? Women?

5. Dino-MITE!

But really, is this person 6? Dino chicken nuggets aren't even real chicken.

6. E-Harmony?

As an opener, this one's not so bad. We'd be ashamed to say we met on Tinder, too.

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