19 Reasons Grandpa Should Text ALL the Time

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We all love our grandparents.

They are old and sweet and they love us a whole lot.

But that doesn't mean they ought to be permitted to communicate via text message.

Just consider the following grandfather texts as evidence that phones should be kept as far away as possible from the greatest generation...

... or that they should ONLY communicate this way.

These messages are either hilarious or embarrassing, depending on your point of view.

1. TMI, Gramps

TMI, Gramps
And may we have: TM... WHY?!?

2. What Now???

What Now???
Coolest grandpa ever?

3. Yeah, But Otherwise?

Yeah, But Otherwise?
Get a good nap in today?

4. Hair, Chair...

Hair, Chair...
Give me a break, kid. I'm old!

5. Nevermind

THIS is the coolest grandpa ever.

6. Grandparent Insight

Grandparent Insight
We never thought of it that way, but it's sort of true, right?

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