25 Most Insane Teen Mom Moments of All Time

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Teen Mom. The name says it all.

The MTV show follows around a bunch of young mothers, documenting their struggles with parenting, drugs, the law, coming of age, etc.

If you watch Teen Mom online, you know the girls are borderline celebrities at this point, but that hasn't changed their true colors one bit.

Well, maybe it has for Farrah Abraham, but not for Jenelle Evans, who remains as authentically and lovably crazy as she was in 2009.

Or Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra, who are just as in love as they were when the step-siblings who gave their daughter up for adoption.

We could go on. And we will, come to think of it. Here's a look at some of the craziest moments, on and off camera, from the MTV staff. 

A whopping 25, to be exact ...

1. Jenelle Evans Beats Up Girl, Gets Arrested

Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans beat the crap out of Brittany Truett a few years ago in one of the more graphic fight videos we've ever seen.

2. Amber Portwood-Gary Shirley Fight

Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley FIGHT on MTV's Teen Mom. It's one for the ages right here.

3. Farrah Abraham SLAMMED By Co-Stars on Instagram!!

Shots. Fired. And shots consumed before, during and after the filming of this Instagram video, most likely.

4. Leah Messer-Corey Simms Split

Leah Messer and Corey Simms shockingly broke up after a wedding and two daughters together.

5. Kailyn Lowry Fight

Domestic violence is not just for Amber Portwood. Kailyn Lowry gets into a fight with now husband Javi on Teen Mom 2.

6. Adam Lind's GRAPHIC Sex Photo Leaks Online

Adam Lind's GRAPHIC Sex Photo Leaks Online
Chelsea Houska's baby daddy Adam Lind likely cost himself any chance at custody when a photo of him tossing some salad leaked online - and we don't mean the harmless, kitchen side dish variety of tossed salad people. Look it up on Urban Dictionary if you need to.

7. Jenelle Evans Fights Roommate

Jenelle Evans fights her roommate in an epic scene from Teen Mom 2.

8. Amber Portwood Goes to PRISON

Amber Portwood did time for drug charges. HARD time. She was locked up for about a year and a half.

9. Leah and Jeremy Calvert Split

Leah Messer is now twice divorced. She and Jeremy Calvert split up after two years and one daughter together, but unlike with Corey, there are no custody battles in court ... yet.

10. Farrah Abraham FIGHTS Teen Mom Producer!

Ever since MTV resurrected Teen Mom: OG, one of the calling cards has been filming the film crew's interactions with the fab four. This has resulted in some major confrontations ... but nothing like Farrah Abraham's full-on BRAWL with one of her producers here.

11. Farrah Abraham FLIPS OUT on Producer

In the new season of Teen Mom: OG, we'll see Farrah Abraham channel her anger issues and direct it at ... the MTV producers who follow her around and film her.

12. Jenelle Fights Bah-Brah!

Ya high Jenelle!

13. Chelsea Houska Cries Over Adam Lind (Ongoing)

The most shocking thing about Chelsea Houska crying all the time on Teen Mom 2 was that she didn't move on from Adam Lind much sooner.

14. Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra (In General)

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are step-siblings and parents and lovers. That alone is pretty insane, but they make it work.

15. Kieffah

Kieffer Delp romanced Jenelle Evans for a time and contributed to some of her more epic meltdowns.

16. Exiled Farrah's Return to Teen Mom: OG

Farrah Abraham returns to the hilariously retitled Teen Mom: OG in this new sneak preview clip.

17. Gary Shirley Calls Out Matt Baier

Gary Shirley alleges that Amber Portwood's fiance Matt Baier has SEVEN kids from previous relationships and she has no idea. Either he's lying or mistaken, or this should be quite an episode for her to watch in early '16.

18. Farrah Abraham Sex Tape

Farrah Abraham, star of the original Teen Mom, went on to star in a porn video called Backdoor Teen Mom, which she tried to pass off as a "leaked" sex tape.

19. Kailyn Lowry UNLOADS on Javi Marroquin

Kailyn Lowry lets husband Javi Marroquin have it in this clip from Teen Mom 2. They have gone through their share of issues for sure.

20. Corey Makes it Personal with Leah

Corey Simms and Leah Messer's custody battle is ongoing, and this should give you some insight into why they're at odds.

21. Jeremy Makes Such Sweet Musick

Leah Messer busting Jeremy Calvert hollering at single mom Brittany Musick - he claims it was after Leah cheated on him, FWIW - was not a harbinger of good things to come for the couple.

22. Farrah Abraham on Dr. Phil

Farrah Abraham gets put in her place by Dr. Phil. You gotta watch this interview clip.

23. Nathan Griffith Gets Arrested

Nathan Griffith gets arrested on Teen Mom 2 after a scuffle with Jenelle. These two had such a mercurial relationship, we had to choose between one of many clips of them going at each other. That says it all.

24. Leah Messer's Miscarriage

Leah Messer suffered a miscarriage before getting pregnant again with new husband Jeremy Calvert.

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