17 Sexy Fails: That's Just WRONG

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Behold, 17 unbelievably unsuccessful attempts to be sexy from the Internet. At least what they lack in hotness, they make up for with humor.

Unintentional comedy, yes, but comedy just the same.

We hope some of these are in jest, but we're guessing not all of them can say that. Or any of them, given the current state of humanity ...

1. Toilet Paper = SO SEDUCTIVE

Toilet Paper = SO SEDUCTIVE
Nothing will get you fired up than a cute girl posing on the throne with a roll of two-ply.

2. Come Hither

Come Hither
When you're ready come and get it, na na na na ... I'll be STANDING IN THE TOILET.

3. So Wet

So Wet
Just not the way she intended.

4. Car Wash Fail

Car Wash Fail
Sometimes it's just not meant to be.

5. Going Bananas

Going Bananas
If this doesn't turn you on, just wait until he pulls out his other ... never mind.

6. Just ...

Just ...

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