17 Most Shocking Moments in Bachelor History: Who Can Forget #13?!

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One of the main reasons we love watching The Bachelor and The Bachelorette on ABC every winter and summer for years on end is for the drama.

In fact, maybe that's the only reason we love it. Well, there's also The Bachelor spoilers and finding out if they're right as a game within the game.

But most of all, year in and year out, we simply can't get enough of the cutthroat competition, the on-screen drunkenness and the epic surprises.

With that in mind, we've taken a look back at some of the most shocking moments in The Bachelor and The Bachelorette history. Check them out below!

1. Jesse's Major Slip Up

Jesse's Major Slip Up
Talk about a rose ceremony disaster. On The Bachelor Season 5, Jesse Palmer accidentally gave a rose to the wrong girl because he mixed up their names, calling Katie instead of Karen. He was ultimately allowed to give out an extra rose so both of them could stay.

2. Brad Womack's Double Rejection

Brad Womack's Double Rejection
This was definitely at the top of the list for shocking season finales. The whole point of the show was for Brad Womack to fall in love and propose, but instead, he walked away from The Bachelor Season 11 completely alone. He did come back for a later season, which was even more dramatic than the first.

3. Stacey Gets a Little Too Friendly

Stacey Gets a Little Too Friendly
All that pressure of the Bachelor mansion could drive a girl to drink, and Stacey Elza knows this all too well. On The Bachelor Season 12, she had a bit too much booze and embarassed herself by giving Matt Grant a pair of her panties.

4. Jason Changes His Mind

Jason Changes His Mind
Well, how's this for a seriously shocking After the Final Rose Special? Jason Mesnick basically just changed his mind at the end of The Bachelor Season 13, dumping Melissa and asking runner-up Molly to be with him instead.

5. Rozlyn's Secret Affair

Rozlyn's Secret Affair
Apparently, Rozlyn Papa didn't get the memo that she was supposed to be on The Bachelor Season 14 for, you know, The Bachelor. Instead, she had her sights set on one of the show's producers.

6. Rated R

Rated R
We hear it every season. You have to be on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette "for the right reasons." Well, Justin "Rated R" Rego was apparently not there for the right reasons at all, since he had a girlfriend while he was on the show. Woops.

7. Kasey's Tattoo

Kasey's Tattoo
Kasey will forever be remembered as the guy who was there to "guard and protect" Ali's heart. He was even so serious about that fact, that he got a tattoo to prove it. Maybe he took things just a little bit too far...

8. Jake and Vienna's Fight

Jake and Vienna's Fight
Jake and Vienna were already among The Bachelor's most memorable couples, but a shocking (and uncomfortable) on-air fight filled with insults made them even more so.

9. Brad and Emily

Brad and Emily
Sometimes, the most shocking moments happen once the season has ended, and for Brad Womack and Emily Maynard, that was definitely the case. They didn't show up to the After the Finale Rose special with the perfect relationship, but instead, with Emily sharing her concerns about their relationship.

10. Courtney and Ben Go Skinny Dipping

Courtney and Ben Go Skinny Dipping
Remember crazy Courtney? She was the super villain of The Bachelor Season 16 who still managed to win over Ben Flajnik. Her idea to skinny dip in the ocean probably didn't hurt matters.

11. Emily Tells Off Kalon

Emily Tells Off Kalon
Kalon was basically the worst, but luckily Bachelorette Emily Maynard was having none of it. Once she learned the nasty things Kalon had been saying about her "baggage," she didn't hesitate to tell him off with a dramatic confrontation.

12. Juan Pablo and Nikki Make Things Awkward

Juan Pablo and Nikki Make Things Awkward
Juan Pablo is a pretty unforgettable Bachelor, but that After the Final Rose special was super awkward. Both he and Nikki refused to give Chris Harrison much information about their relationship at all, and they wouldn't even say if they loved each other.

13. Tierra Gets Hypothermia

Tierra Gets Hypothermia
Who can forget the incredibly dramatic Tierra on Sean Lowe's season? There was always something with her on The Bachelor Season 17, so by the time she "got hypothermia" even Sean questioned whether or not she was exagerrating.

14. Lindsey's Bold Arrival

Lindsey's Bold Arrival
Here's one way to make a first impression. Lindsey showed up on the first night wearing a lwedding dress, and even went so far as to go ahead and kiss Sean Lowe. For the most part, her stunt worked, and she stuck around until the very end of The Bachelor Season 17.

15. Kelsey's Dramatic Panic Attack

Kelsey's Dramatic Panic Attack
Kelsey has got to be one of the craziest contestants on The Bachelor that we've ever seen. Her "amazing" story about being a widow was just one part of that, but she also probably faked that dramatic panic attack in an effort to get a rose from Chris Soules.

16. Two Bachelorettes

Two Bachelorettes
In a very weird twist, it was announced that The Bachelorette Season 11 would begin with not one, but two bachelorettes. This left the guys in the house to make a choice between Britt Milsson and Kaitlyn Bristowe. Kaitlyn was chosen, but one guy left to date Britt, for a little while at least.

17. Kaitlyn and Nick Have Sex

Kaitlyn and Nick Have Sex
The Bachelorette Season 11 has been called one of the most controversial seasons ever. Nick showed up as a suprise, and Kaitlyn allowed him to stay on as a contestant. Later, she couldn't resist sleeping with him long before there was even a fantasy suite date in the picture.

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