16 Celebrities Who Have Been Wasted on TV

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One for the road? How about one dozen for this appearance on the small screen?

In the following video rundown, we've collected footage of various celebrities who all seem to have thrown a few back prior to stepping in front of the television camera.

Not that we're judging them for doing so. Not whatsoever.

Heck, we're thanking them. This is entertaining stuff!

1. Jessica Simpson: Wasted on the Home Shopping Network?

Jessica Simpson does not appear to be sober while appearing here on the Home Shopping Network. But we'll let you decide that for yourself.

2. Mark Wahlberg: Drunk on the Graham Norton Show

Mark Wahlberg can't stop flipping the red chair in this clip from The Graham Norton Show. Meaning what? Watch and find out!

3. Britney Spears: Drunk on Home Video

Does this count as a TV appearance? When Britney Spears got drunk during a Kevin Federline-filmed video? We're just gonna go ahead and say yes.

4. Diane Keaton: Drunk on Ellen!

Diane Keaton talks about Tantric sex, Susan Sarandon and a lot more while seemingly wasted in this clip from Ellen.

5. Emma Thompson: Drunk at 2014 Golden Globes?

Emma Thompson may have been a bit sauced during her Golden Globes presentation of Best Screenplay. Watch it now.

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