27 Hilariously Inappropriate License Plates

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Sometimes you're just driving along, minding your own business when you find yourself reading the license plates of the cars nearby. Then you laugh.

Check out these 27 hilariously inappropriate license plates, but remember: don't take photos and drive!

1. Eat The Kids First

Eat The Kids First
Somewhere Jonathan Swift is slapping his forehead. "A Modest Proposal" wasn't meant to be taken seriously.

2. Try Wine

Try Wine
Is it red or white that pairs nicely with long commutes? Oh right, neither. Don't drink and drive!

3. Come For You

Come For You
This person is either really, really a fan of playing chase or a prostitute.

4. D-Vorced!

We're guessing he got to keep the car.

5. You Did Not!

You Did Not!

6. I'm Late! I'm Late!

I'm Late! I'm Late!
That excuse probably isn't going to work when the cops pull you over.

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