27 Hilariously Inappropriate License Plates

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Sometimes you're just driving along, minding your own business when you find yourself reading the license plates of the cars nearby. Then you laugh.

Check out these 27 hilariously inappropriate license plates, but remember: don't take photos and drive!

1. Eat The Kids First

Eat The Kids First
Somewhere Jonathan Swift is slapping his forehead. "A Modest Proposal" wasn't meant to be taken seriously.

2. Try Wine

Try Wine
Is it red or white that pairs nicely with long commutes? Oh right, neither. Don't drink and drive!

3. Come For You

Come For You
This person is either really, really a fan of playing chase or a prostitute.

4. D-Vorced!

We're guessing he got to keep the car.

5. You Did Not!

You Did Not!

6. I'm Late! I'm Late!

I'm Late! I'm Late!
That excuse probably isn't going to work when the cops pull you over.

7. You're In The Way

You're In The Way
Does it sound more or less polite when said with a Russian accent?

8. MOVE!

"Move, b*tch, get out the way! Get out the way, b*tch! Get out the way!" is blaring from the speakers.

9. Big Cocks

Big Cocks
Hmmm....with a license plate like this one, we're going with "overcompensating didn't fit on the plate."

10. Vaginas

Fist bumps to this driver for the clever use of the Virginia logo!

11. Tittie!

10 points for another clever use of a college plate, though we're not sure how either of these were deemed acceptable.

12. Viagra

Hmmm..."viagra" on the back of a Corvette. Can you say mid-life crisis?

13. Are You 18, Cutie?

Are You 18, Cutie?
Here's hoping they're both 18, right?

14. Old Pedo

Old Pedo
Something tells us a license plate reading "old pedo" isn't making this guy any favors at his local park.

15. Ms. Poo

Ms. Poo
As in "Winnie the..." or shampoo? Please not the other thing. WHY?!?

16. I Swallow

I Swallow
Oh. Okay, then, so this license plate is also a business card. Good to know.

17. Fur Taco

Fur Taco
Anyone having flashbacks of Woody Harrelson's landlord from Kingpin?

18. Freaky

Freaky...Deaky? Flo Rida lyrics? What is going on here?

19. Drunky

How many DUIs do you think this person has?

20. BJ 4 Golf

BJ 4 Golf
Is golf a political office? Is BJ running?

21. Big Nads

Big Nads
Nads means something else in the antique car world, right? RIGHT?

22. Babyshaker

I spy...IRONY on this tag. Do you?

23. Up Ours

Up Ours
Hey, dude. We think you forgot a letter in there.

24. Ass Orgy

Ass Orgy
This one ALMOST looks like it could just be an unfortunate random selection of letters. Almost. A55 RGY anyone?

25. Rub One Out

Rub One Out
Please don't do that while driving.

26. Nicest Mom?

Nicest Mom?
We're pretty sure she MEANT to say "nicest" mom and has zero idea she said "incest" mom. Unless she did mean to say incest mom??

27. Over the Edge

Over the Edge
Since this person is OVER the edge and not just ON the edge, we can safely assume this car does not belong to Lady Gaga.

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