15 Fight Club Quotes to Live By!

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Fight Club first hit theaters 15 years ago today. In honor of the modern cult classic, check out 15 of our favorite quotes!

1. It's Only After We've Lost Everything ...

It's Only After We've Lost Everything ...
... that we're free to do anything. Lose yourself in the simple profoundness of that one.

2. The Things You Own...

Tyler's anti-consumerism message in a nutshell. Some have wondered if Fight Club would even be green lit nowadays.

3. You Are Not Your Job

Tyler further elucidates his philosophy. Hey, what if we really like out khakis?

4. No Great War

No Great War
Brad Pitt waxes philosophical. Or is it Edward Norton. Sorry, no spoiler alerts on a 15-year-old movie.

5. Tyler Durden on Advertising

Tyler Durden on Advertising
Tyler is like the anti-Don Draper. This is one dude who's never quoted a commercial in his life.

6. A Question of Ettiquette

A Question of Ettiquette
Something we've all wondered while getting of a window seat. Even Tyler Durden has to deal with modern Emily Post dilemmas.

7. Men Raised By Women

Men Raised By Women
"A generation of men raised by women," Tyler tells the Narrator. "I'm wondering if another woman is the answer we really need."

8. "Fight Club Wasn't About Winning or Losing..."

"Fight Club Wasn't About Winning or Losing..."
"...It wasn't about words. The hysterical shouting was in tongues like at a Pentecostal church." Um...sounds fun! Where do we sign up?

9. Have You Considered the Possibility That God Hates You?

Have You Considered the Possibility That God Hates You?
Tyler Durden's thoughts on Gods and fathers. Someone has some daddy issues.

10. "If You Wake Up at a Different Time in a Different Place..."

"If You Wake Up at a Different Time in a Different Place..."
"...Could you wake up as a different person?" Now, THAT'S what you call foreshadowing kids.

11. The Rules of Fight Club

So yeah, we just broke the hell out of rules one and two. Does that mean we're in trouble with our alter-egos?

12. "This is Your Life..."

"This is Your Life..."
Tyler's slightly more macabre take on "seize the day."

13. Never Be Complete

...Never Be content, never be perfect. Good advice, and easy to follow.

14. "On a Long Enough Timeline..."

"...The survival rate for everyone drops to zero." Some dark math from the Narrator.

15. "When You Have Insomnia..."

"When You Have Insomnia..."
"...Everything is a copy of a copy." Everyone who's ever had trouble sleeping can relate.

16. Pain and Sacrifice

Pain and Sacrifice
Needless to say, pain is a big part of Fight Club.

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