13 TV Characters Who Cheated Death

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Cheating death is no small task. 

Some of these characters were killed and made miraculous returns. 

The others managed to avoid death by the skin of their teeth. 

In some cases, these characters ruined the legacy of the show they were part of. 

But we'll let you be the judge of that. 

Have a look below. 

1. Jon Snow - Game of Thrones

Jon Snow - Game of Thrones
Viewers witnessed Jon die at the conclusion of Game of Thrones Season 5, but he came back to life in the sixth season premiere thanks to Melisandre. It's a pity he didn't stay dead given that he had very little purpose in the final two seasons.

2. Alison DiLaurentis - Pretty Little Liars

Alison DiLaurentis - Pretty Little Liars
The whole point of the mystery of the freshman season was that these teenagers were being stalked a year after their friend went missing. In an unsurprising move, Ali had actually cheated death, and lived to scheme another day.

3. Lydia Davis - Revenge

Lydia Davis - Revenge
Lydia survived a fall from a high-rise balcony on to a vehicle below, and even a plane bombing. She must be a ninja to avoid death on those two occasions!

4. Cookie Lyon - Empire

Cookie Lyon - Empire
Cookie was doing too much on Empire when she tried to nurse Lucious back to good health. In a scary scene, she almost lost her life. That wasn't the only time she almost died.

5. Dan Conner - Roseanne

Dan Conner - Roseanne
Dan died on the original series finale of this controversial comedy series. However, the show's revival explained the "death" as a joke. Yikes.

6. Huck - Scandal

Huck - Scandal
Huck was always a complicated character with murderous tendencies. When he thought he found the woman of his dreams who understood him, the rug was pulled from under him and he was shot several times. After leaving fans in the lurch for multiple weeks, we learned that he had put in the trunk of a car and managed to escape because he imagined what his colleagues would tell him to do. Ridiculous? Yes. Tense? YES.

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