13 Spinoffs That Were So Much Better Than the Original

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It's not easy to get a spinoff off the ground. 

Some may seem like they're just desperate attempts to milk a succesful franchise, while others hit the mark and then some. 

These 13 shows effectively raised the middle finger to the shows that they spun off from by being the better of the two. 

Have a look below. 

1. The Originals

The Originals
The Vampire Diaries was filled with high-school drama from start to finish, but The Originals was a much darker and more adult take at the universe, focusing on the original vampires. It was better than its parent series.

2. The Flash

The Flash
Ever since The Flash premiered, it has had much higher ratings than the show it spun off from -- Arrow. The characters are infinitely more likable, and The Flash has better production values.


It's hard to believe it, but NCIS is a spinoff of JAG, and yes, NCIS is way better than that series.

4. Fear the Walking Dead

Fear the Walking Dead
The earlier seasons of Fear the Walking Dead benefited from intricate plotting, and decent family drama -- much stronger in quality to those early years of The Walking Dead.

5. Angel

Angel was like a completely different show from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, even if it followed a handful of cast members of the OG series. But Angel had more convincing villains who were genuinely creepy.

6. Frasier Photo

Frasier Photo
Many people have no idea that Frasier is a spinoff of Cheers. But Frasier followed a more streamlined bunch of characters, and they kept viewers laughing for longer.

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