7 Hilarious Tommy Boy Quotes

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Tommy Boy hit theaters 20 years ago today. Here are some of the most memorable lines of the beloved comedy.

1. Fat Guy in a Little Coat

Fat Guy in a little coat. Fat guy in a little coooooat! This clip serves as a reminder of how Farley could turn one line of dialogue into an uproariously funny scene.

2. Brothers Gotta Hug!

Brothers Gotta Hug!
Somehow, Farley's character believed that Rob Lowe was his brother. And man, was he excited about it.

3. Pray to the God of Skinny Punks!

Tommy toggles between lovable goof and seething rage-aholic throughout the movie. It's a balance that no one could pull off quite like Farley.

4. Holy Schnikes!

"Holy schnikes!" was apparently improved by Farley. He later revealed that it was a phrase he would use as a child to get around his parents' rules against swearing.

5. Take a Good Look at a Butcher's Ass

Tommy's butchering (no pun intended) of his dad's memorable catchphrase makes for some great laughs throughout the phrase. Pro tip: Do not attempt to use in an actual business meeting.

6. That's Gonna Leave a Mark

Farley gets knocked around quite a bit in Tommy Boy. His classic response to some horrific injuries will always be linked to the actor's incredible gift for physical comedy.

7. I CAN'T STOP!!!

Tommy's awful sales techniques make for some of the film's funniest scene. This might be his worst, which is really saying something.

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