19 Confusing and Hilarious Traffic Signs

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Here are some of the worlds most confusing and hilarious traffic signs. You might want to bring your own map because these probably won't help you get where you're going.

1. One Way

One Way
Uh, one way. But which way?

2. Five Lanes to the Left

Five Lanes to the Left
There are five lanes going to the left here, but there's also a one way sign pointed to the right. Good luck.

3. Cow Overboard

Cow Overboard
Watch out for falling cows! Or mountain goats? No, that's definitely a cow.

4. Low Overpass

Low Overpass
Here's hoping there's enough time to stop between that sign and that bridge. Otherwise things are about to get tight.

5. Crash Zone

Crash Zone
If cars crash enough on a certain road to warrant a SIGN warning people about said crashes, perhaps it's time to rethink drivers education.

6. Hiking In Heels

Hiking In Heels
Hiking in Heels sounds like the title of a book Kim Kardashian would write. It would take place on Rodeo Drive.

7. The Irony Is Strong

The Irony Is Strong
Someone wasn't paying attention to the sign.

8. Bike Path Problems

Bike Path Problems
Cyclists beware! There are divots in your path that will cause your tire to turn sideways and throw you over your handlebars! Or something.

9. Kangaroo Sex

Kangaroo Sex
Those kangaroos, man. They like to get it on. And speaking of sex...

10. Attention, Prostitutes!

Attention, Prostitutes!
You can get a prostitute here and it isn't even the red light district.

11. Deer Sex

Deer Sex
Dear sweet Cheez-Its! WHAT IS WITH THE SEX SIGNS!?

12. No Room at the Inn, Mates

No Room at the Inn, Mates
Hah. See what we did there? No room at the inn...mates...because hotel and prison. Haha. (Send coffee.)

13. Right Left, Right??

Right Left, Right??
Someone was drunk when this sign was made. Clearly. That's the only possible explanation.

14. Which Way Again?

Which Way Again?
Maybe this sign means there's a giant circle around Napoli and Salerno?

15. Sign Not In Use

Sign Not In Use
Picture me wearing my confused face right now. It's probably the same confused face you're wearing right now.

16. Frogger


17. No Left Turn

No Left Turn
Uhh...so about that left turn you have to make...

18. All Way Stop

All Way Stop
Do not pass go, do not collect $200. The buck stops here. Thou shalt not pass. Nope.

19. No Pets Allowed

No Pets Allowed
Except when they're on leashes? So which is it?

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