Stephanie Pratt Photos: Way Hotter Than Spencer!

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Stephanie Pratt, the sort of hot sister of Spencer Pratt of The Hills fame, seen in photos through the years.

1. Stephanie Pratt in London

Stephanie Pratt in London
Stephanie Pratt in London, Spring 2014. The sister of Spencer Pratt got the good looks in the family.

2. Stephanie Pratt Red Carpet Photo

Stephanie Pratt Red Carpet Photo
Stephanie Pratt on the red carpet in 2014. She looks great!

3. Stephanie Pratt Topless

Stephanie Pratt Topless
Sort of topless, anyway. Stephanie Pratt really let it all hang out with this Maxim spread.

5. Stephanie Pratt Shops

Stephanie Pratt Shops
What else does she have to do? Stephanie Pratt is merely a useless reality star, after all. An unemployed one at that!

6. A She Pratt Pic

A She Pratt Pic
Stephanie Pratt is the sister of Spencer Pratt. As such, she will always be the She-Pratt to us.

7. A Confrontation

A Confrontation
What are these nitwits so concerned with? We will find out soon enough.

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Stephanie Pratt
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Stephanie Pratt Biography

A Stephanie Pratt Photo
In 2007, Stephanie Pratt emerged as a supporting player on The Hills, getting all up in the grill of Lauren Conrad and having a difficult... More »
Full Name
Stephanie Pratt

Stephanie Pratt Quotes

[on Stephanie hanging out with Lauren Conrad]
Spencer Pratt: Don't you have any sense of family loyalty?
Stephanie Pratt: I can't believe how hypocritical you are - you who became best friends with my ex-boyfriend in high school even though I hated him!
Spencer Pratt: [looooooong pause] He wasn't your boyfriend, I hate to break it to you. He was your semi-formal date. You can call it what you want.

Stephanie Pratt: [crying] You're making me feel so guilty.
Spencer Pratt: No, you're making YOURSELF feel guilty. Thinking about what YOU did.