14 Celebrities Who Died at Age 27

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The 27 Club.

It may sound like a cool Hollywood establishment, but it's actually something far more depressing.

It is the name that has been given to the surprisingly large number of stars who all passed away at the age of 27.

In June of 2016, Anton Yelchin became the latest member, after this Star Trek actor was killed in a freak car accident.

Scroll down for a look at everyone associated with this unfortunate group...

1. Anton Yelchin

Anton Yelchin
Anton Yelchin died when his car malfunction and actually pinned his body against the security gate at his home, crushing his chest and head.

2. Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix
Arguably the greatest guitar player in history, Jimi Hendrix died of asphyxiation in September of 1970.

3. Brian Jones

Brian Jones
The Rolling Stones founder and guitarist drowned in a swimming pool on July 3, 1969. The coroner's report ruled this as "death by misadventure."

4. Janis Joplin

Janis Joplin
Janis Joplin was known as The Queen of Rock and Roll. She died on October 4, 1970 from a heroin overdose.

5. Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison
The lead singer of The Doors left us on July 3, 1971. Even though drug use was suspected, the official cause of death was listed as "heart failure."

6. Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain
The Nirvana singer and guitarist killed himself April 5, 1994. His body was found three days later at his Lake Washington house.

7. Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse
Winehouse died on July 23, 2011 at her home. The official cause of death was listed as "accidental alcohol poisoning."

8. Andrés Escobar

Andrés Escobar
Andrés Escobar was killed in July of 1994 out of retalliation by a soccer fan angry that the Colombia star had scored an own goal in the World Cup.

9. Jonathan Brandis

Jonathan Brandis
The young actor sadly committed suicide in November of 2003. He hanged himself.

10. Pat Tillman

Pat Tillman
Pat Tillman was a true American hero. He gave up the fame and fortune of an NFL career in order to fight in Afghanistan and died in combat in April of 2007.

11. Steve Olin

Steve Olin
Steve Olin was a pitcher for the Cleveland Indians who died in a tragic boating accident in 1993.

12. Kristen Pfaff

Kristen Pfaff
The guitarist for rock band Hole, he died of a heroin overdose in 1994.

13. Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson was a revelation on the guitar. The blues musician died in 1938 after drinking from a poisoned bottle of whiskey.

14. Fredo Santana

Fredo Santana
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