14 Times Celebrities Totally Failed on Social Media

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Everybody makes mistakes... even celebrities!

Social Media is an exciting way to keep your followers updated about the latest developments in your life. 

It's also a huge way to embarrass yourself to the point the whole world is laughing at you. 

The gallery below chronicles celebrities that embarrassed themselves in hilarious fashion.

1. Rita Ora's Retweet Mess

Rita Ora's Retweet Mess
In October 2014, Rita Ora posted to Twitter that she would be releasing her new song a few days later if she got 100,000 retweets, but she only had just under 2000 and attempted to delete the tweet. It didn't go unnoticed with her fans!

2. Scott Disick Being Told What To Do

Scott Disick Being Told What To Do
It was pretty damn obvious that Scott Disick wasn't a fan of Bootea when he blatantly copy and pasted an email that was sent to him, telling him what to do. Yikes.

3. Lindsay's Fake Butt

Lindsay's Fake Butt
Lindsay Lohan does not want to live a life out of the public eye, so she got creative when she needed a new post for Instagram. The thing is, everyone knew what she up to. FAIL.

4. Khloe's Door of Disaster

Khloe's Door of Disaster
Khloe thought it would be fun to photoshop a picture of herself, but she failed to how silly the door looked and was called out by fans.

5. Queen B To The Photoshop!

Queen B To The Photoshop!
Beyonce even tried to photoshop her thighs. Just look at that stair in between them!

6. Kim K Gets Owned!

Kim K Gets Owned!
Kim Kardashian took to Twitter to complain about being on her last bottle, but she had a spelling error!

7. That Time Courtney Love Battled To Stay Relevant

That Time Courtney Love Battled To Stay Relevant
This one was just plain weird and uncalled for.

8. BooBeats

Vicki Gunvalson accidentally leaked a picture of her bare breasts when thanking Bravo for a gift.

9. Zac Efron Is Grateful for WHAT?

Zac Efron Is Grateful for WHAT?
This tweet was so insensitive on so many levels.

10. Naomi Campbell AKA Scott Disick

Naomi Campbell AKA Scott Disick
This one is becoming pretty darn common...

11. Jason's Bigg Bad Joke

Jason's Bigg Bad Joke
We expected better from this Orange Is The New Black star.

12. Oprah's Surface Blunder

Oprah's Surface Blunder
Oprah claimed to love the Microsoft Surface... but tweeted it from an iPad.

13. Donald Trump Punked

Donald Trump Punked
Remember the time Donald Trump was tricked into retweeting a picture of serial killers?

14. Mary J. Blige

Mary J. Blige
Mary J. Blige letting the world know that she can't spell. Auto correct can't be blamed for this one!

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