American Hero Replaces Family Photos with Pictures of Steve Buscemi

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For many years, Steve Buscemi was a classic That Guy.

He was a veteran character actor who made appearances in numerous movies, yet who most fans likely could not single out by name.

This changed a lot when Buscemi starred for years as the lead on HBO's Boardwalk Empire, but not entirely.

That much has been made apparent by the following story, which features a young man who slowly replaced photos of family members at home with photos of Buscemi... and it took awhile for anyone to catch on.

1. Meeting the Hero

Meeting the Hero
Our hero's name is Kevin Manion. He is from Wisconsin and he decided to swap a single family picture one day with a picture of Steve Buscemi. He wanted to see how long it would take family members to notice.

2. It Took Awhile

It Took Awhile
As you can see by his sister's Tweet, the siblings' mother didn't catch on, even after at least 4 photos were switched.

3. Why Did He Do it?

Why Did He Do it?
Boredom. Clare told BuzzFeed News her brother came up with the idea as a way to keep himself busy and make himself happy during the long, hot summer.

4. Wait a Minute...

Wait a Minute...
Hold the phone! Who is that?!? My dad noticed [on] the second day but my mom didn’t notice until the fifth day," Clare said.

5. How Did She React?

How Did She React?
Clare again: "She was in the kitchen and could tell something was wrong with my brother’s senior photo, like the colors were wrong, and his head was too big, so she walked over to it and started laughing so hard."

6. He's Our Hero, Too!

He's Our Hero, Too!
Really, he's an American hero.

7. So... Much... Steve Buscemi

So... Much... Steve Buscemi
Let's hope the family didn't take down any of the Steve Buscemi photo. Why would they?!?

8. Is Steve Buscemi Aware of This Prank?

Is Steve Buscemi Aware of This Prank?
We don't know. But we'd love to be there when he finds out about it.

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