11 Photos of Kate Middleton Looking Sporty and Perfect Because DUH

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I'm going to go a bit Daily Mail here and declare Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Sport.

Long before April 29th, 2011, the former Catherine Middleton was racing Prince William down slopes, playing worthy opponents on the court and taking charge of a dragon boat.

Britain's royal family is a sporty one, mainly geared towards polo, horse racing, and salmon fishing (yes, that's a sport).  The Windsors love the great outdoors, which is why Catherine fit rights in.

It's not particularly fair that someone as graceful as she looks as comfortable in a ball gown and tiara as she does in a half-zip and moccasins.



1. "Would Anyone Like To Go Riding?"

"Would Anyone Like To Go Riding?"
"We'll have to take a car over to the stables. They're on the other side of the castle, past the gardens."

2. "What a Lark!"

"What a Lark!"
"Aren't you lot supposed to be Olympians?"

3. "Like This? In My Stuart Weitzmans?"

"Like This? In My Stuart Weitzmans?"
"What else have you got for me?"

4. "You Want Me To Do What?"

"You Want Me To Do What?"
"I lied! Ok? I'm only the world's 2nd greatest athlete and I have no idea how to get down from this bloody wall!"

5. "This Ball-In-The-Net Thing is Great Fun"

"This Ball-In-The-Net Thing is Great Fun"
"I'm quite good at this, aren't I?"

6. "'Yee-Haw?' WTF Is 'Yee-Haw?'"

"'Yee-Haw?' WTF Is 'Yee-Haw?'"
"Can we go home now?"

7. "I'm bored"

"I'm bored"
"I want out of the royal box and on to the court. Now. NOW, WILLIAM!"

8. "She Only Won Silver?"

"She Only Won Silver?"
"What is the sodding point of being an Olympian if you only get silver?"

9. "I'm Keeping This, By The Way"

"I'm Keeping This, By The Way"
"Can someone point me towards England?"

10. "This F---ing Kid"

"This F---ing Kid"
"My arms look fantastic, though."

11. "Oh How Embarrassing"

"Oh How Embarrassing"
"For you, not me. I look amazing."

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