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How great are those transit workers? So many people support their union, and want them to get better wages and working conditions. You can thank Transit Union prez Roger Toussaint for that one.

Support from political figures doesn’t come cheap these days — many a politicians have been served a chunk of the $3.7 million pie of campaign contributions from the Transport Worker’s Union.

The Daily News reviewed 1,525 donations, lobbying bills, media buys, gifts to nonprofits and other expenditures of the Local 100 Political Contributions Committee.

Totaling $3.7 million since 2001, according to filings at the state Board of Elections and the city Campaign Finance Board, the payments cover the political gamut.

Politicians who have received contributions to their campaigns include: Reverend Jesse Jackson, Assemblyman Richard Brodsky, Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno, and City Councilman Charles Barron, among many others.

The Daily News reports, “since the election of Toussaint as head of the 33,750-member TWU in December 2000, the union has pumped cash into the political war chests of at least 38 of the 51 members of the City Council.”

While donations are volunteered from union members’ paychecks, NYDN speculates that many transit workers don’t realize that their money is going to states like Michigan and Montana.

Ok, so these contributions are not a huge pay-off scandal (espeically in light of Jack Abramoff). Still, one would think that all this money could at least get them a decent contract the TWU could agree on. Or get some pants for those freaks on the subway.

TWU money for pols [Douglas Feiden, NYDN]

Jan 23, 2006 · Link · Repond

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