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Well, since everyone is guaranteed to go into a panic tomorrow and get all their shopping done before they become stranded in their apartments (without Mister Softee or wine, mind you) may we suggest printing out Slate’s very handy shopping round-up immediately. (We’d be doing this ourselves, but we bargain shop online. Plus, the thought of you running around midtown after work brings a smile to our faces).

In the extensive round-up, you will find gifts for your husband, mother-in-law, baby, and what few friends you might have left. Slate even answered the question “What will Cookie staffers be giving their advertisers this year?”: “a rather lavish outlay for a set of six Moss table knives”

Obviously! Why didn’t we guess murder weapons?

The Gift of Mags [Slate]
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Dec 14, 2005 · Link · Repond

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