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No Way Jose!

Heath Ledger’s death has left us all feeling a bit sad and awkward. And we never met him. Imagine how sad and awkward Mary-Kate Olsen feels.

Even though Ledger’s masseuse called Mary-Kate an inappropriate amount of times, she’s not will not be involved in the investigation according to police commissioner Ray Kelly:

There is absolutely no indication that investigators were going to speak to Mary-Kate Olsen. … They determined that they had all the information needed, by the witnesses who were on the scene.

Well, things would have certainly been more awkward for MKO is they were questioning her about her ex-party friend’s death.

In other Heath Ledger Is Dead! news, Daniel Day Lewis dedicated his Screen Actors Guild award to the actor. Video after the jump.


Jan 28, 2008 · Link · 1 Response

How???s that for a funny headline?

Just a quick FYI: Owning your own production has its benefits. Because David Letterman???s company, Worldwide Pants, made a separate agreement with the Writers Guild of America, the second-rated late night host can have Screen Actors Guild guests without any awkwardness and/or protests from the WGA.


Jan 2, 2008 · Link · 3 Responses

Will those growing rumors of a Hollywood strike trifecta – with SAG, WGA, and DGA ordering members to halt work until contracts are negotiated – pan out? And, more importantly, would such a strike last the nearly six months that 1988’s dispute did?

We’re hearing reports of Tinsle-types being “panic stricken” over the possibility. (Then again, we love us some sensationalism.) As of last night, guild members and members’ employers were meeting.

We’re hearing not so good things. Says one WGA type of attended last night’s tension headache: “I wouldn’t so much call it a ‘meeting’ as it was a forced gathering of in-laws who would rather throw glass vases at each other than engage in conversation.”

Oct 5, 2007 · Link · 1 Response

• Lindsay Lohan heads to hospital not for exhaustion, but for appendectomy. Girl better have a scar next time she hits the beach, or we’re gonna egg Leslie Sloane Zelnik.

• When Brandon Davis sits around the house, he really sits around the house!

HX drops sales staff. Ex-employees commiserate over drinks, partially-clothed men at Splash.

• Up for a Happy Hour? The New York Times encourages you to drink a big, fat pint of absinthe.

• Meanwhile, celebs are boozing it up on the new “Sonoma Diet.”

• SAG nominations announced, because Oscar buzz isn’t ringing in your ears already.

• Bruce Headlam named to fancy new NYT media/marketing editing position. Good luck, Rebecca Dana!

• Maitre d’ all-star Abbe Diaz and ex-Jossiper/current-Page Sixer Corynne Steindler sit down to dinner at Gusto, and scandal almost ensues.

Jan 4, 2007 · Link · Respond

• Fellow Elaine’s patron Elaine Kaufman and Beatte Telle, the model at the center of this all, claim Roman Polanski did none of the thigh massaging Harper’s editor Lewis Lapham claimed in a 2002 Vanity Fair article and again on the stand during the libel lawsuit.

Walter Cronkite is boinking Carly Simon’s sister Joanna. That’s all we’re going to say, because it makes us as ill as you are at this very moment.

Melissa Gilbert is through with the Screen Actors Guild, actually admitting her decision not to seek a third term as president stemmed from internal fighting.

New York mag continues exhibiting its personality disorder, finding the show critics hate (The Comeback) and defending it as a guilty pleasure.

• Upon learning even New York magazine staffers get denied from trendy nightspots, we don’t feel so bad about the disastrous results trying to name drop Jossip at PM.

• When they’re not taking over the radio waves with ubiquitous Top 40, Clear Channel is loading up on the Queer Channel, a new GLBT program debuting August 7. Which is sure to please their conservative investors.

Jane Fonda gets up on her high war horse again, this time targetting the Iraqi war. You know, since her Vietnam efforts won’t so well in the 70s.

• Whee, the teen fashion mags go back to school. This year’s challenge: Making 15-year-old girls look more whorish.

• It doesn’t take much, but somehow Kathy Griffin continually reminds us why she stays on the D-list.

Lil Kim lies on the stand — and in her documentary.

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