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Channel 4 may have had snacks, but NY1 News had little Bobby Cuza, the young-ish reporter who would stop at nothing to bring New Yorkers their news. (Yeah, last we heard, Doritos weren’t really the go-to for reporting.)

It was Cuza who broke the transit strike story, sparking a trail of snags on behalf of the station before the strike ended. Personally, we’ve always thought NY1 rocked. The 24 news service, full of repeticious newscasts, and its hourly reading of major papers get us through some rough mornings. “Why?” we have often wondered, “does this station post so many job openings for entry-level reporter positions on Time Inc’s webiste?”

Finally, our questions have been aswered. There really are people out there who beleive in young-ish reporters. Fresh, hungry, and excited by the news, these guys don’t need no flippin’ snacks! Just give them a pen and a taperecorder, and watch them break New York’s biggest story of the year.

One thing did confuse us though, and that was the New York Times‘ little remark about starting reporters making $40,000 a year? NY1 reporters might kick-ass, but we hightly doubt that anyone who has to ask his collegues from another station to move his camera into place is pulling in $40K. That’s like millions in reporter salary terms.

The Little Channel That Could [Alex Mindlin, NYT]

Jan 3, 2006 · Link · Repond

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