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Even though all of Jossip’s writers, editors, and interns are working from their non-NYC offices (filling our vacation time with blogging) we certainly hope that everyone is not too, too, too excited over the “talks” of a strike break. “Talks” and “steps” do not mean that that MTA is officially ending their strike, as far was we can tell, anyways.

• “Both parties have a genuine desire to resolve their differences,” said Richard Curreri, head of a three-member state mediation panel. “They have agreed to resume negotiations while the TWU takes steps toward returning its membership to work.”

• Striking bus and subway workers agreed Thursday to “take steps” to go back to work while their union and the transit authority resume negotiations, a mediator said. The deal with the Transit Workers Union could pave the way for a resumption in service by Friday, if the union’s executive board gives the final OK.

• In a definite sign of progress, mediators who met separately with the transit union and the MTA all morning, announced Thursday that both sides have agreed to resume talks while the union takes steps to return members to work, thereby ending the strike.

If you are still walking home and clawing for cabs after work tonight, don’t say we didnt warn ya’.

NYC Transit Union Moves to Return to Work [David B. Caruso, AP]
Union Executive Board To Vote On Ending Strike [New York 1]

Dec 22, 2005 · Link · Repond

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