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Presidential Hopeful Suddenly Feeling ‘Awkward’ About Thanksgiving Dinner With The Fam

Time goes by so fast! It’s only Wednesday, and yet it seems already so much has happened. TMZ overlord Harvey Levin is arguably having the Best Week Ever, propelled by the continuing success of his rumor-mongering website and the (disconcerting) news that his new mudslinging tv series leads the ratings in syndication.

But who’s having the worst? That would be senator Barack Obama, who’s been dealt not one, but two difficult blows over the past 48 hours.


Oct 17, 2007 · Link · 2 Responses

Now that daddy Dick Cheney is busy with that whole federal indictment thing, it’s about time uber-lesbian Mary Cheney returned to the spotlight. Nah, she’s not running for public office in a Brian Ellner sort of way — she’s joining that Internet company that used to barrage you with popups in a Matt Drudge sort of way.

AOL has hired Mary Cheney to assist its vice chairman, Ted Leonsis, as he seeks ways to boost advertising sales, a company spokesman said.

She will join by the end of the year to advise on ways to attract more users to AOL’s Web sites.

Huh. We didn’t realize Weblogs Inc. was publishing a gay blog.

AOL hires Cheney’s daughter [NYDN]

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