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the week the year ended and democracy took place

Every week, there are so many eventful developments that we almost can???t keep track of them all. So for your convenience and ours, we???ve dispatched Intern Whitney to remind us what made the past week special.

Obama and Huckabee won the Iowa primary in the election that has carried on for far too long already.

• We think Britney hit rock bottom. We can’t imagine how much lower she can go.

• Late night returned with fanfare and controversy.


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no, really, he can’t

Wednesday was so bomb. Late night programming returned, which was quite a relief because now we don???t have to think about how hopeless our lives are and can just watch celebrity interviews instead.

And when Leno returned on Wednesday, he made a joke about how he was writing his own monologue, which was funny, ha, ha, until the Writers Guild of America was like, ???Hey, guess what Mr. Funny? That violates our agreement. You???re no better than Carson Daly.??? To which Leno was like, ???Do you see how I act with my guests? Where do you think I started?

Even without writers, The Tonight Show is still beating David Letterman’s Late Show; Leno’s mediocrity is that appealing.

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late night is back; questions about human existence still go unanswered

So unless you were living in a shoe for the past eight weeks, you know that the writers strike has more or less destroyed American entertainment as we know it.

But last night, no longer able to sponsor their cast and crew with their own paychecks, David Letterman, Craig Ferguson, Jay Leno and Conan O???Brien returned. Only Letterman and Ferguson had the help of their writers; only Leno and Ferguson had shaved recently.

Without people on staff to be funny, Leno and O???Brien resorted to self-depreciating jokes about how unfunny they are. To kill time, O???Brien spun his wedding ring on his desk for 36 seconds. Yeah, these two shouldn???t have a problem as the strike continues.

After the jump, the first WGA approved scripted television in eight weeks from The Late Show. Since the clip is from YouTube, neither the writers nor the networks are profiting from this online material. How???s that for a compromise?


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