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Only in the Sex and the City movie could an ass like that be on top of a body like this.


Jan 11, 2008 · Link · 8 Responses

• At least Lindsay Lohan’s rep, uber-publicist Leslie Sloane Zelnik, had the balls to admit her client was duped into some phone flirtation (and nearly meeting up at Bungalow 8) with a fake Jason Lewis. But let’s just be honest here: Lindsay doesn’t care that the Sex and the City star is already dating Rosario Dawson. [Lowdown]

Kanye West isn’t as will to support the gay minority as he is the black minority. While he’s fine wailing on President Bush for his oppressive policies, the rapper isn’t ready to step up for the homos — but thanks to his interior decorator, he’s learning to see the light. [Lowdown]

• Ever since Kate Moss‘ cocaine dust up, ex-boyfriend Pete Doherty has been dodging press reports as well. But the bad karma has reached Hedi Slimane, who canned full publication of a Doherty photo book. Though his camp claims the 750 copy initial printing was all that was ever intended. Sure. [Radar]

Peter Braunstein’s frightening emails to the ladies of media are so profane that the NYPD’s email filters have kept authorities from circulating them, forcing them to resort to – gasp! – faxing them around. [Lowdown]

• VH1’s Ant almost got exterminated by Victoria Gotti. After he compared her son Carmine’s crooning to a cat being stuck in a muffler during a taping of But Can They Sing?, mommy Victoria was ready to squash him — though producers managed to have him escorted by security. [Page Six]

Kate Moss Watch&trade: Things are looking up for Kate. First Cavalli and now the 2006 calendar by Pirelli, who was among the first to defend her cocaine cause. Things are looking up for buyers, too: Flip to May for a topless Moss shot. [The Sun]

• More evidence that Al Reynolds is just a puppet that Star Jones wields: No matter where he is, the pose never changes. [Cityrag]

Nov 18, 2005 · Link · Respond