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Starting today, Thursday July 27, 2006, at 3 pm EST (which is, like, now) Jane magazine’s editors will be online, waiting to hear your pitch ideas.

Your dreams of being in Jane could come true … and you won’t even need to throw up your tofu to make it into a fashion spread! Is your cat depressed? Did your roommate turn into a lesbian and try to make out with you while you were in the shower? Where you seduced by Jeffrey Epstein? (Wait, actually, if you were, send that story to us, ok?)

Brandon Holley, along with her crew of editors will be signed on and ready to respond to readers with a story idea. We’re told that editors “don????????t have specific requests,” as of yet, “but say an editor is looking for information for a story or a source, she might go to the pitchfest and put out a query.” They’re looking for stories from all over as part of their whole “getting connected with the readers” thing.

Honestly, we feel like if Brandon gets any closer to her readers, she’s going to have to host a 3,000 person slumber party at her apartment. Why are you still reading this? Get your ass over to and try to try to get your story published, minus the cheesey cover letter.

Jul 27, 2006 · Link · Repond

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