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Bare boobies cause controversy

New York Times public editor Clark Hoyt got out his Champ HP3 Blender and stirred some shit up on Sunday when he called out T magazine for blurring the line between editorial and advertising in a way that would get other section editors fired. Oh, and he called them out on running a photo spread where 17-year-old model Ali Michael bares her left breast, in the way that Lindsay Lohan casually does when she runs out of two-sided tape.

“One sequence shows her ‘wearing’ a $3,890 blue taffeta coat by John Galliano,” writes Hoyt. “I say ‘wearing’ because the coat is bunched around her waist so that you can???t really tell what it is. She has her back to the camera and nothing else on. In one image, she is turned slightly, showing the outline of a bare breast, out of focus.”

Was it child pornography? Or high fashion-slash-art? The shoot cost tens of thousands of dollars to produce, so maybe … either? BOTH? Today, Keith Kelly makes sure the week doesn’t pass without an update on the internal Times feud that’s caught the world, or Eighth Avenue, by storm!


Dec 21, 2007 · Link · 1 Response