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The Food Network Is Fucked

One is never proud of watching the Food Network.

But turn on the channel at 11 am or 3 am, someone who isn???t too attractive or too personable is on, boiling water and squishing tomatoes. Watching the Food Network is like placing your brain in neutral, which isn???t so bad every once in a while.

But that strategy isn???t working anymore. The network is losing what little audience it has; some stars, like Emeril Lagasse and Mario Batali, are peacing, and Rachael Ray is limiting her work on the network so she can become the lazy woman???s Martha Stewart.


Dec 17, 2007 · Link · 1 Response

Cindy Adams has some fightin’ words for Anderson Cooper today. Not that we could find a hint of her name, (or Emeril Lagasse’s name) in any CNN web articles from the last few months, but apparently in the fifteen minutes we stopped watching Coopster in New Orleans yesterday, he attacked Crazy Cindy.

Y’know, or she had an imaginary conversation with her television.

SPEAKING of chefs brings me to Anderson Cooper’s Sunday CNN re port, which suggested I may have told an untruth. Hello??? I do not tell untruths. Could I ever bollix a fact or a story? Hey, I’m human. But lie consciously in this column? Any writers/editors/fact- checkers/reporters who suggest that on-air better watch their mouths.

Yeah, watch your mouth. Hello??? Cindy will totally come and whoop your ass with her cane or whatever. Plus, like, crazy-ass rambling doesn’t mean whatever she’s saying is, like, an untruth, ok? God.


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