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We just read in Mediaweek that there’s a scene from an upcoming Desperate Housewives episode that ABC “doesn’t want you to see.” And the scene is on YouTube.

A racy sex scene from an upcoming episode of ABC’s monster hit Desperate Housewives is one of several clips from the show circulating on YouTube, and ABC isn’t happy.

“This is an unauthorized clip and we are having YouTube take it down,” said an ABC spokesperson.

And we’re so sure it’s faster for them to issue a statement and make a huge fuss saying they’re contacting YouTube than, well, actually pulling it.

See, you think it’s fun to watch because ABC wants you to think you’re not supposed to be seeing it. You ask us? It feels a bit like a PR campaign to get people to watch another season of old ladies in lingerie.

ABC Demands Removal of YouTube’s Desperate Sex Scene [Mike Shields, Mediaweek]

Update: While watching our ABC soaps, we saw a commerical for Desperate Housewives, in which they plug the scene you see above. Well, actually we closed our eyes, because we know how much ABC doesn’t want us to see it.

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• In her new commerical, Kate Moss wears a v-neck jumper and stops snorting blow for a few minutes. That should be enough to drop the charges, right? [The Sun]

• Just because Britney Spears and Kevin Federline get into arguments does not imply that they are anything like us. Ok, so sometimes we talk through movies—but not on our cell phones. Trashtastic is right. [Page Six]

• How do you tell your side of the story if you are a flasher who was fired from your TV job? Make a rap about it. Because then the public can totally relate to you. [Gatecrasher]

• Fearing that those jews in the slammer will f him up, Lindsay Lohan’s dad signs his “greetings from prison” cards, “happy holidays”. [Page Six]

Jessica Simpson is okay with the fact that Nick Lachey is selling her out to OK! Ok? [People]

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Bo Bice lands his ass in the hospital. No, not as Ashlee Simpson’s voice coach. Though that’s totally what we thought too, at first. [TMZ

• Does Naomi Campbell hate all other black models or something? [Gatecrasher]

• How are we supposed to break stereotypes of white trash guys wearing wife beaters, living in trailors, and getting sauced all day when we have guys like Kevin Federline and crew attacking journalists. Not even paparazzi! [WWD]

• And Slate said that a puppy would have been the worst Christmas gift. Wrong! [Amazon]

• Censoring Desperate Housewives? We know Eva Langoria is hotness, but don’t they watch, like, crazy porn in China? Well, at least is the first non-bird-flu story we’ve hear in a while. [AP]

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• American Media’s Star and Celebrity Living are on David Pecker’s shit list after completely missing Nick Lachey and Jessica’s Simpson’s split scoop, which went to Us Weekly. While Star’s “Jessica finally pregnant!” and Celebrity Living’s “New house and a baby!” issues hit newsstands, father Joe was issuing the separation announcement. [Page Six]

Desperate Housewives dismissal Page Kennedy claims he wasn’t ousted from the ABC set for exposing himself, but Usher’s rep Tamar Juda might beg to differ. [R&M]

• Spotting Jayson Blair outside the New York Times building is right up there with spotting Lauren Weisberger outside 4 Times Square. [R&M]

• We’ve devoted so much ink to the breakup of Kathy Griffin and Matt Moline that we can barely muster tears of joy upon hearing the D-list duo are still a pair. Even though they’ve filed for the divorce, the red carpet critic and her “soul mate” are still sleeping and mugging for the camera together. [PerezHilton]

• If Pete Doherty can’t have Kate Moss, at the very least he can have her rehab clinic. [Page Six]

Sienna Miller has finally figured out how to keep an eye on beau Jude Law: have him do a cameo in her new movie Factory Girl. [Page Six]

Paris Hilton might still be ignoring Nicole Richie, but that’s not keeping her, Stavros Niarchos, Nicky Hilton and Kevin Connelly from hitting up Stereo, where Richie’s fiance DJ AM was spinning. [PerezHilton]

Lindsay Lohan’s latest? Johnny Knoxville. [Lowdown]

• Looks like The Firm chief Jeff Kwatinetz blew his chance at getting a J. Lo fragrance basket for Christmas. The uber agent stood up the diva at scheduled meetings not once, but twice. [Page Six]

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Paris Hilton’s kinkajou may be delivered from starlet hell sooner than we thought. Turns out keeping the little guy is illegal in both California and New York and now PETA has joined in the “Free Baby Luv” movement. [NYP]

• How to pick up waitresses, by Tommy Lee: Stiff ‘em when it’s tip time, have them race to a roadie for compensation and offer them “compensation” of pot and partying with the tattooed tightwad. So far, no takers. [Lowdown]

Extra’s Mark McGrath has an original approach to getting exclusives on Pam Anderson: shack up with her. One glitch: If size matters, Tommy Lee definitely has him beat. [Page Six]

• Canned Desperate Housewives actor Page Kennedy is refuting rumors he got dumped for exposing himself on the set. Apparently such a reputation is damaging. [Sun-Times]

• Page Six isn’t making friends with its Peter Braunstein coverage, getting rape victim advocacy groups in a tizzy over their near reveal of his victim’s identity. But hey, Peter Braunstein’s not making us friends either. [NYDN]

Heidi Fleiss is getting back to her roots, only this time she’ll be whoring out men to an all-female clientele. In Vegas. [People]

• The good news: Someone actually doesn’t want to party with Jessica Simpson! The bad news: It’s her TV husband Nick Lachey. To the despair of OK! Magazine, Lachey nixed a big birthday blowout, opting instead for a quiet dinner. [The Scoop]

Brittany Murphy’s stairwell cater waiter tryst didn’t sit well with her agent at ICM or her manager — so they both dumped her. [Radar]

• Not that Julie Blackman did her job as a jury consultant, but she feels she’s still entitled to $74,000 in unpaid legal bills from Martha Stewart. [NYDN]

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• The actor you refer to as “that guy locked up in the basement” on Desperate Housewives will hereto be known as “the guy that exposed himself on the set of Desperate Housewives — and no, not Joey Buttafuoco.” And yeah, he (Page Kennedy) has been fired. [AP]

Anna Wintour isn’t taking The Devil Wears Prada movie sitting down — at least not in an ergonomically correct throne. She’s warning fashionistas and actors that any involvement in the Meryl Streep movie will make them invisible in the eyes of Vogue. Unless they’re fat, and in that case they should’ve given up hope long ago. [Radar]

Britney Spears saw a copyright infringement lawsuit against her dropped, after the songwriter accusing the poptart couldn’t prove her “Sometimes” track copied one of his tunes — which, we’re told, is often necessary in a copyright infringement suit. [AP]

The Apprentice edits footage to make contestants look stupid? The audacity! [Lowdown]

Lindsay Lohan is reportedly eager to marry Jared Leto for the most romantic of reasons: to piss off Paris Hilton and beat her to the aisle first. [The Scoop]

• Following in the great footsteps of couch jumper extraordinaire Tom Cruise, Marc Anthony has re-hired his brother to manage his career. Brilliant move, Marc! [Page Six]

• So this is why Michael Jackson couldn’t get anyone to croon on his hurricane charity single: Celebs were already belting out Sharon Stone’s self-penned ditty. [AP]

• If playing the bongos nekkid and showing your six pack abs every chance you get are the qualifications, then the rumors are true: Matthew McConaughey is People’s “Sexiest Man Alive” pick this year. [Page Six]

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Fernando Ferrer is taking responsibility for a fib on his campaign site’s blog, which claimed he went to public schools as a kid. In fact, he went to private Catholic schools. It took just a few moments for Bloomberg’s camp (and both the NYP and NYDN) to latch on to the “mistake.”

• Need a Christmas gift for that special someone? Elton John is available to play a private concert for you and 500 guests for the bargain price at $1.5 million, only at Neiman Marcus.

Paris Hilton and perhaps ex-fiance Paris Latsis were seen spending some time together, but by all accounts it wasn’t the “quality” type.

• Wisteria Lane may be getting more crowded. Courtney Cox is reportedly in negotiations to play a mental institution escapee in a future episode of Desperate Housewives.

DMX may be joining Lil’ Kim on a trip to the clink sometime soon. The rapper failed to show up for a court appearance yesterday for allegedly driving with a suspended license, claiming he had food poisoning. The Judge has given him till next Monday to show up.

• Now you can let a middleman deal with Star and Us Weekly as you try and sell your Paris Hilton camera phone snap.

• Jennifer Garner inadvertently spilled the sex of the littlest Affleck to Jay Leno last night. While telling Jay about her expanding size, Garner used the word “she” before rushing to cover her mouth in a classic “oops” moment. One thing we do know for sure: She’s either having a boy or a girl.

• We wouldn’t recommend using meth to get yourself out of a hostage situation, but only because we hear heroin works better.

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Intern Molly isn’t the only one capable of churning out a fall TV season premiere recap, but while she’s off on a well deserved holiday, we needed somebody to bring you up to speed on last night’s Desperate Housewives second season opener.

Naturally, we turned to Intern Wendy, whose Desperate Housewives virginity was cracked by Marcia Cross and Nicolette Sheridan on-screen bickering nicely mimicking their off-screen feuding.

Okay, I admit it. I’m probably the only person who hasn’t watched “Desperate Housewives.” And for my restraint, I’ve been branded a social pariah. So I ventured into Wisteria Lane last night, knowing just enough to follow along.

There’s been some debate over whether the show is a drama or a comedy. My take is a split decision: it’s a so-so, clever drama, but the comedy is its strength. The ladies can hold their own during the dramatic scenes, but it’s when they’re allowed to get crazy that the fun really starts.

By “fun” Intern Wendy means “Marc Cherry’s primetime takeover,” and there’s plenty more of it after the jump.


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The new season of Desperate Housewives begins on Sunday and ABC’s publicity blitz isn’t about to let you forget. Which explains Nicolette Sheridan’s appearance on Ellen this morning.

But it in no way explains her cheerleading behavior. (After all, wasn’t it Felicity Huffman who won the Emmy?)

And all this was before she took pot shots at Marcia Cross. One more redonkudiculous photo after the jump.


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Teri Hatcher’s supersized ego got the best of her Sunday night as she refused to snap pics with Best Comedic Actress winner Felicity Huffman and her other Desperate co-stars.

• Looks like Anna Wintour will be renewing her library card after all. While The Devil Wears Prada is shooting all over NYC, it won’t be shooting at the Fifth Avenue Public Library

• We always knew gay porn kingpin Michael Lucas was a bit of a tramp (though he looks good doing it), but a Fashion Week whore? Well of course, but we didn’t need Page Six to tell us — he’s got his own blog for that.

• Following the great tradition of “you mess up your life, you get a reality show”, Tom Sizemore is shopping a program (from rehab) called Super Sizemore. Though we doubt Heidi Fleiss will be tuning in.

Jamie Lynn Discala is falling into the breakup trap of rebounding with a nightlife king. As word spreads of her breakup from husband-slash-manager A.J. Discala, The Sopranos star is being linked to club promoter Keith Collins.

• Despite your misgivings, Paris Hilton might actually be a charitable person. Or at least her grandfather’s foundation is, which she may or may not be tied to.

Vince Vaughn wasn’t just taken by Jennifer Aniston while he shot The Break Up, but he also fell in love with Chicago. He’s sold his $4 million Los Feliz home for a Chicago pad.

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Just like bloggers, television networks love when their competitors do the promoting for them. Take, for instance, NBC’s Sept. 25 Dateline where Stone Phillips will sit down for an hour interview with Eva Longoria for the 7pm show. It just so happens that at 9 that same night, ABC will be, uh, airing the season premiere of Eva’s Desperate Housewives.

NBC is getting bubbly over such the supposed “get”: “We always feel great when one of TV’s biggest ‘gets’ chooses to come to us.”

Meanwhile, ABC is a little more realistic: “We love it when a competing network promotes ABC and our programming.”

Remember when Dateline bumped George Clooney (Men’s Vogue cover model, Good Night, and Good Luck writer and producer) for Eva? Yeah, so does NBC prez Jeff Zucker, who we’re sure will be having a word with a few more producers.

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• NBC Universal chair Robert Wright admits his network passed on Desperate Housewives, a move that helped The Peacock secure a fourth-place ratings spot.

• Did the media play down France’s L’Equipe’s Lance Armstrong’s drug use story too quickly? President Bush’s anti-France agenda is alive and well.

• Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia is valued at $1.6 billion, or more than 160 times shareholder equity of $167 million, which pegs it at four times Google’s rating.

• Lowdown gossipist Lloyd Grove wants to make this very clear: He doesn’t dream of a career in television, despite what WWD may have claimed in its Tabloid Wars item. He’d also like you to believe he’s on great terms with all his New York Daily News colleagues, which begs the question: When’s he gonna launch his TV career?

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• A judge ordered Courtney Love into rehab after her sobbing confession that she violated terms of her parole by getting high. His honor’s mission? Letting Love hit rock bottom. Meanwhile, the Kurt Cobain widow is reportedly pregnant with actor Steve Coogan’s child. We’re sure that fetus will turn out nicely.

• It’s splitsville for sitcom hopeful Jenny McCarthy and her husband of six years, John Asher. No word on how the divorcing duo will be splitting custody of their children or her breasts.

• Take you and your “Marcia Cross is a lesbian” rumors and stick ‘em back in your double-wide. The Desperate Housewives vixen accepted a marriage proposal from boyfriend Tom Mahoney. We hear they’ll be donning matching tuxedos.

• You’ll have to wait a little longer for Natalie Portman’s shaved head, as her V For Vendetta flic that features a London Underground bombing has been postposted from November to March 2006 in reaction to the real-life terror attack.

• Talk shower Joe Franklin is ruminating on whether to file a lawsuit against The Aristocrats for funny lady Sarah Silverman’s that he raped her.

Olivia Newton-John continues her search for long-time boyfriend Patrick Kim McDermott, who might follow right behind Natalee Holloway in cable news coverage.

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Pierce Brosnan says he received a surprising phone call informing him he’d no longer be playing James Bond. At first the news was a “titanic jolt,” now it’s a “sense of calm.” For moviegoers, too.

• A pole fell on Eva Longoria while she was shooting the new season of Desperate Housewives. She’s doing okay and only paramedics, not a shirtless gardener, had to be called to the scene.

• You’ll next be able to spot Julia Roberts in the music video “Dreamgirl” from the Dave Matthews Band. From Pretty Woman to “Dreamgirl,” we’re not sure if her womanhood is regressing or moving on up.

Michael Jackson is looking at a $10,000 fine after failing to appear last month for 39-year-old Joseph Bartucci’s civil sexual abuse case against him. Take a number, judge.

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It’s a summer Friday. We’re as surprised as you that we’re still here.

• Reading about jury duty, at least on HuffPo, is somehow more obnoxious than actually reporting to jury duty.

Donald Trump is willing to ruffle his hair to rebuild the United Nations building on the East River at a price tag of “just” $1.2 billion, which would save tax payers .. a couple billion’ish.

• It’s Slurpee mania at 7-Eleven, which means David Letterman puppet Rupert might have to drop his pricetag for wild cherry and lemon-lime.

• While The Daily Show is doing wonderful things for Stephen Colbert’s career, the same isn’t so for an art guild director in Florida. Susan Buzzi was fired after appearing in a spoof that aired last week, poking fun at a piece of “explicit artwork” depicting an Arab sheik gettin’ down with President Bush.

• FishbowlNY gets lusty and sing-song for Curbed’s new blog, Eater. And we thought they had enough to be embarrassed about.

• With so much differentiation between the words coming out of Michael and Joe Jackson’s mouths, we’re not sure what to believe. But that won’t stop us from relaying news that MJ has no plans on moving to Berlin. Well, until he releases a statement on his website next week.

• Meanwhile, Jacko might get off the hook from the latest round of molestation charges, thanks to a 1984 photo op with Ronald Regan and wifey Nancy that places him with the president during the time of the alleged dirty behavior.

• Whoops, not done with Michael quite yet! His molestation trial judge, Rodney Melville, ordered prosecutors to return hundreds of items seized during the investigation, including his nudie mags.

Eva Longoria pretends she’s not upset she wasn’t nominated for an Emmy.

• The Associated Press, fooled into thinking their content is somehow unique, is raising prices for licensing rights.

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