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Because we never leave the apartment, except to perform very in-depth transit strike/cab ride reporting, we never really thought about how the subway closing would effect our fellow dejected media outlets. At one point, though, we did ride the 6 train to work every morning, with only our amNewYork to comfort us. And, after all those months of loyalty, when the possibility of spending a cab or scooter ride to work without them was presented, did amNY think of us? Not so much.

“We moved all our hawkers all over the place,??????? Mr. Weintraub said. “We fulfilled our mission to the advertisers. We expect to do so again tomorrow.”

The advertisers? Granted this story should not offend us at all, because we don’t go anywhere. But in theory, we would be extremely hurt by the paper’s lack of concern for us, if we still read it.


Dec 21, 2005 · Link · Repond

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