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CNN’s prez Jon Klein spends Katrina on Nantucket

Surely spending a week’s holiday on Nantucket must be tied to CNN president Jonathan Klein’s non-tabloid-y agenda. Otherwise, we’re going to have to add him to the list of Condoleeza Rices and Dick Cheneys.

Even after Hurricane Katrina struck the Southeast, Klein went ahead with plans to take his family for the island getaway — though, of course, “Jon was in constant contact with his deputies and CNN the entire time.”

Meanwhile, Fox News prez Roger Ailes wasn’t about to let this ratings guanantor to slip through his hands. He canceled his vacay to be on hand for the round-the-clock coverage. Which, dare we say it, in some sick way lends a little respect to the F&B network.

Sep 8, 2005 · Link · Repond

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