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Media Blitz
US Gov To Deprive Us Sexy, Glamourized Cigarette Ads

• Congress asks women’s mags to please stop airing those sexy tobacco ads, to which the editors responded, “We certainly don’t advocate smoking, substance abuse problems or throwing up after meals. We’re just saying that’s what all the real fashion models do.”

• Angelina’s lawyer takes “credit” for drawing up that anal-retentive contract that pissed off every working member of the media. Really, did you think Angie was bright enough to come up with all those legalize “terms and conditions” on her own?

• After firing Don Imus several months back, WFAN is having trouble finding another sacrificial lamb to take his place.

According to Jon Fine, CBS’ moves are “coherent philosophically, and about as in tune with how people behave online as one may expect a traditional company to be.” Stop it Jon, you’re making them blush.

• “On ‘Fatblogs,’ Heavy People Weigh In” begins this sensitively titled LA Times piece.

Forbes brings us an insightful profile of the best writer/editor we’ve never heard of.

Jun 15, 2007 · Link · Repond
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