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Might Katie Couric’s woes about to take a turn for the better? Or the worse? SO HARD TO TELL!

But one big rumor we are hearing is that executive producer Rick Kaplan, who was brought in to replace Rome Hartman this time last year, is being shown the door at the CBS Evening News. Oh, and The Early Show, where he’s interim executive producer.

We’re told by an insider that he’s being pushed out from his posts — and will hold a staff meeting on Friday, at 9am in the GM studio, where he’ll at least tell the staffers he’s about to embark on a two-week vacation, but it’s unclear whether he’ll share with them that the vacation is actually a quiet means of exiting. “I’m sure he won’t say anything about not returning,” says a source.

Keep in mind: He’ll be making his exit during sweeps. So whether he tells his staff the real news or not, they can only assume that the boss man is a goner. After all, under predecessor Shelley Ross, you didn’t take time off unless you called in dead.

Why all the drama?


May 7, 2008 · Link · 3 Responses