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Ok, we know how much you????????ve all loved our little Jossy awards so far. Today, however, we thought we shake things up a bit with a ??????? Top Ten List! Yay! We kinda???????? felt left out, being the only ones in the world who totally didn????????t have one. Plus, today????????s awards are all about this grand city we call our own, and so we had to get a bit pickier.

Even though New York can sometimes be a real bitch, we love her. We do. After all, she allows us to live here when no other city will have us. And since New Yorkers are the best people in the world, and nobody can tell us we????????re not, everything we do is so New York (translation: fuckin’ fabulous).

So what if celebrities don????????t get smashed into by paparazzi or get caught on camera snorting mad blow in our city? Some things happened in ????????05 that were so big, they so belong on our So New York in 2005 list. We’ve narrowed it down to 10, and each one gets our love/hate, but only #1 wins the Jossy! (After the jump, blah, blah, blah.)

10. The Westside Stadium, which thankfully never was
9. The 2012 Olympics, which thankfully never will be
8. Pacha, the club of clubs. You can stay there all night — and still shower before work
7. New York magazine’s “Hottest New Yorkers” issue (even though we weren????????t in it)
6. The week in which the 6 train completely stopped running, like, everyday.
5.Per Se giving NYC a glimpse of dining in L.A.
4. Peter Braunstein wiggin???????? out like a maniac on Halloween
3. Jake Gyllenhaal, Peter Sarsgard, and Maggie Gyllenhaal lunching with Jake’s puppy in SoHo
2. The two shows that make everyone hate women and New Yorkers: PowerR Girls and Gastineau Girls

And finally, the winner of Jossip’s So New York in 2005 Award goes to:


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2005 was a pretty boring year for magazines. A few folds, a few launches, a few EIC departees and scandals…nothing too mind-blowing. Or, maybe it was just that the shame shadows cast by the New York Times are large enough to cloud over an entire industry. TV News had its moments, as did blogs! It was tough competition, but the categories and their nominees for Best Media Moments are here:

(and don’t forget the winners after the jump!)

• ‘Twas the year for founding magazine EICs to abandon their babies, and we sure were sad to see them go. Sarah Gray Miller broke a few hearts when she left Budget Living’s pockets empty. And of course there was Jane Pratt’s confusing departure from Jane, which led Brandon Holley to say c’ya to ELLEgirl. It’s hard enough to keep track, let alone choose our fave EIC flee.

• Ah, the scandals of journalism. If only there was a tabloid for media freaks to follow each other’s wrong-doings. Nominees for 2005’s biggest newsmedia mishaps go to Judith Miller for her NYT/Scooter Libby/Valerie Plame protection/revelation debacle. And recently, there was that whole NYT wiretap/PR disguised as service journalism fiasco. And of course, who could forget good old Graydon Carter’s Deep Throat discovery? (Not to mention all the press leaks it inspired.)

• Sometimes, newscasters can get a little whacky, but that’s why we love them. Television news needs its moment in the spotlight too, so we have nominated a couple in the category of TV travesties: Al Roker for his Hurricane Wilma wipe-out or Matt Lauer for holding his own when attacked with Tom Cruise’s particular brand of cruisaziness. (Ok, we realize these are both Today Show incidents, but all the nerds already covered the real news.)

• When unoriginal mags launch, nobody wins. Yet, they just keep on launchin’. Our favorite new mags of the year? David will kill us all if we don’t list Cookie, everyone’s fave billionaire baby book. And then there was Weekend, another richie rich mag for people who have like seven houses and a cabin, and overcrowding the tabloid market from abroad is the very celeboring OK!. We hate them all, but which is truly the most unnecessary new mag of the year? After the jump, guys!

• The worst things to happen to media this year? Its a sad category, but someone’s gotta do it. We don’t what was more heartbreaking, the death of Peter Jennings or the death of Radar. And Judy behind bars was kind of a blow to the industry (yes, she can be nominated twice). Hmm, what else…? Oh, yeah, Peter Braunstein on the loose was pretty f’d up.


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Here we have them, folks, Jossip’s choice for the most memorable moments of 2005. From crazy celeb freak-outs to the biggest media blunders of the year, our picks will reign this week. Mwaahaaahahaha. Plus, we figured out that reason people do these round-ups anyways is because there’s barely any news to cover. This is so much better anyways:

Celebrity Scandal Nominees: (check out the winners after the jump!)

• 2005’s sneakiest boyfriend snatch: Paris Hilton stealing Stavros Niarchos, Angelina Jolie snagging Brad Pitt, or Laguna Beach’s Stephen going back to LC?

TRS (Total Rehab Survivor) Award nominees: Kate Moss for her drinking game rehab, Lindsay Lohan for collapsing into rehab, Ashlee Simspon for singing so hard she was checked into rehab by tortured fans, or Colin Farrell’s fat camp rehab. (This is a tough one, folks).

• One question on all of our minds surely is: who did have the most frightening celebrity pregnancy this year? Our nominees were chosen by the scariness of the parents. We don’t so much as fear as fear for the offspring of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline, and Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

• Oh, the celebrity break-ups of 2005. They make us laugh, they make us cry, they put money in Bonnie Fuller’s kids’ trust funds…who’s break-up really enthralled us the most? There was of course Brad Pitt’s complete dis on Jennifer Aniston, and recently Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson called it kaputz. But what about Nicole Richie and DJ AM? They, like, starved for each other. And Nicole and Paris? Jen totally stole the spotlight off of these heartbreaks. But, she did inspire the “I’ll have your baby Brad” tee, which still makes us laugh.

• And finally, who had the biggest freak-out in 2005? Nominees include: Tom Cruise’s couch spaz on Oprah, Tom Cruise’s overuse of the word “glib” on the Today Show, Tom Cruises’ uncomfortable water gun reporter reaction, and Kate Moss’ topless crack dance.

Envelope Please….


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