Last Tango in Paris Director Admits to Conspiring to Film Actual Rape

Movie Director Admits to Filming of Actual Rape

A newly-surfaced interview with Bernardo Bertolucci has revealed a horrifying confession.

According to the director, he and Marlo Brando conspired in 1972 to shoot a scene in the film Last Tango in Paris that depicted the actor actually raping co-star Maria Schneider with a stick of butter.

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Casey Affleck: Sexual Harassment Allegations Resurface Amidst Oscar Campaign

Casey Affleck: Sexual Harassment Allegations Resurface

Back in 2008, Casey Affleck teamed with his then-brother-in-law Joaquin Phoenix to film the experimental mockumentary I'm Still Here.

The film was controversial at the time of its release due to Phoenix's Andy Kaufman-like immersion in his role, which culminated in a notorious David Letterman interview that left many convinced the actor was suffering some sort of mental collapse.

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