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Brit glamour model Vikki Blows is featured in the teaser video for Dirt 2, the sequel to Codemasters award-winning off-road racer game.

Blows (yes, it’s her real name), 21, is from Romford, Essex, UK, and says she got into modeling because she’s “too lazy to get a proper job.”

Vikki calls herself a typical Essex girl. At 13 she quit school and started working at a hair salon, quickly learning she didn’t have the patience to cut hair. At age 15, she knew she wanted to model, but at 5′ 1″ she was too short. Joining a “dodgy” agency, she at least got some pictures made and sent them to Samantha Bond Management, and tested to be a Page 3 girl for The Sun.

On nude modeling, Vikki says she feels better with no clothes on. “It just feels natural.”

Check out more pictures of Vikki Blows and the Dirt 2 teaser video below. (Vikki is the one with the frying pan)