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When you are the winner of 24 Emmy awards, you deserve to have your face on a 44-cent first class stamp..right? That is exactly what is happening for FOX hit show The Simpsons. Although they are cartoon characters, the creator and executive producer Matt Groening is likely proud of his successful brood.

The popular show is the longest running prime time comedy in television history, and still going strong at twenty years and running. Want to get your hands on those stamps? The design proofs will be revealed along with purchase and pre-order information at the postal service website on April 9, 2009.

Each year 50,000 proposed stamp suggestions come in to the post office and yet only 20 are approved for the year. This really is an honor.

The artwork design was done by Simpsons’ creator Groening and will feature Homer, Marge, Barb, Lisa and Maggie Simpson.

Photo: WENN