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Week 16 was the much anticipated makeover episode for the remaining six contestants on the hit NBC reality show The Biggest Loser. Historically, it has been the most popular segment each season.

Michael, Daris, Ashley, Sunshine, Sam and Koli were each given $1,000 to spend on new clothing. Allison Sweeney announced to the group that, to date, they had collectively lost 805 pounds. She sent them off to be outfitted, and then they were fluffed and buffed by hair guru Jonathan Antin.

When the group was sufficiently transformed, they were greeted by family members and then treated to a special concert by Ashanti.

Back on the Biggest Loser ranch, the contestants were faced with the task of climbing individual Jacob’s Ladders suspended above a pool. Ashley fell into the water after just three minutes, receiving a one pound disadvantage. Hanging on for over two hours were Koli and Daris. Koli won the one pound advantage after Daris simply jumped into the water. He caught flack from trainer Bob Harper, who was concerned that Daris was still setting himself up for failure this far along in the competition.

The workouts were brutal and as always, we saw some amazing losses on the scales during the weigh-in. Koli lost 15 pounds — this after only losing one pound last week when he had immunity. If anyone doubts he filled up on water before last week’s weigh-in, they now have pretty good proof. Ashley wasn’t hurt by her one pound disadvantage, losing a solid 10 pound. Mike, Daris and Sunshine each lost 9 pounds. Sam, the first contestant to reach his goal weight while still on the show, lost only 2 pounds.

In the bottom two were Mike and Sam. They each pleaded their case and in the end Sam Poueu was sent home.

During the follow up video that is shown after a contestant is voted off, Sam revealed that he has started a new life by taking up residence with a new roommate. He went on to say that that person happens to be fellow contestant Stephanie Anderson, who was voted off the show in Week 11. They began dating in week three, and most viewers were not aware of their alliance ‘of a different kind’ until last night. See photos and more details here.

More makeover photos and video here.

Check out several video clips from last night’s show, including Sam’s life since leaving the ranch below:

Makeover Photo – Biggest Loser screenshot