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Well, it finally happened. Almost ten months after being sentenced to 15 months on a slew of fraud charges, Teresa Giudice reported to prison today and is now officially a resident of Danbury Correctional Institution in Connecticut.

TMZ reports that Teresa’s last pre-slammer meal was an egg sandwich in a greasy spoon dinner at 2 am Monday morning.

Witnesses say she seemed distraught (understandably) and spent most of her time at Elmer’s Diner in Danbury on her phone texting and talking with friends for the last time.

Teresa was joined by her husband and fellow felon Joe Giudice (he’ll begin serving his time after she gets released), which is a good thing, as it may be the last time these two see each other for several years.

That fact and other details of Teresa’s life behind bars were revealed in an interview that a former Danbury inmate named Jody Gibson:

“There is a good chance that Teresa and Joe will not even be able to see each other while they are serving their time, because you are not allowed visits from anyone who has been convicted of a felony,” says Gibson.

And that, of course, is not only the way in which Teresa has a rough 15 months ahead of her:

“There are certain rules that she will quickly learn,” Gibson says. “For example, if she is not up on her hygiene, the other girls will complain and they will get everyone to gang up on her.”

“Even though Teresa is a strong woman, she must learn to get through her sentence by not accepting favors, not making any friends, and not making promises to anyone.”

Gibson adds that Teresa is likely to be “targeted” by other inmates as a result of her fame. We sincerely wish her the best ofmluck.

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