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Selena Gomez left a recovery program weeks ahead of schedule back in February, and now family and friends are reportedly urging the troubled singer to check herself back into rehab.

Sources say Selena is partying harder than ever these days and those closest to Gomez are concerned for her health.

Selena was reportedly in a good place after leaving rehab and had no trouble maintaining sobriety for the first few weeks.

Then, as you might have guessed, trouble started started around the time that Selena got back together with Justin Bieber and started hanging with his crew of hard-partiers.

The on-again, off-again couple reportedly got way out of control over this past holiday weekend:

“Selena was definitely feeling no pain at 4th of July festivities in Malibu,” says one onlooker. “There were numerous trips to the bathroom…Selena would emerge several minutes later, giggling and holding her nose.”

Oh, Justin – is there anything you can’t screw up. Let’s hope this girl gets the help she needs STAT.