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Padma Lakshmi‘s commercial for Carl’s Jr. (that’s Hardee’s for the East Coasters) Western Bacon Thickburger is so sexy, it’s almost porn.

Lakshmi, a former Miss India and model, has hosted popular reality TV cooking competition series Top Chef since its second season.

At age 14, Padma was in an accident that caused a half inch wide seven inches long scar on her arm. For years she was self-conscious about the scar, which she learned to hide with a casual pose she perfected.

In time, she learned to accept, and even love her scar, and today, doesn’t try to hide the symbol of her survival.

She announced her pregnancy on October 1, 2009 – see details and baby bump photos here.

Check out more photos and her super-sexy burger commercial below.

Padma Lakshmi Carl’s Jr. Commercial