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Lindsay Lohan moved to London recently, reportedly in part to escape the aggressive LA paparazzi and the temptation of her favorite Hollywood hot spots.

The problem is, London has clubs too. And Lindsay must have realized that she misses all the pap attention the second she touched down at Heathrow, because she’s been posting non-stop questionable selfies ever since.

First there were the distressingly saggy Lohan cleavage photos. (Yes, plural. It’s a full-blown pictorial.)

Now, we have Lindsay drunk and naked from the waist down in a photo that can only be described as a cry for help.

Okay, so we don’t know for certain that she’s drunk, but there’s a glass of champagne clearly visible in the photo and we just don’t believe that even Lindsay would take her pants off, snap a selfie and post it to Instagram all while sober.

So clearly London hasn’t turned out to be the positive influence Linds thought it would be. We hope for her sake she returns to the States soon.

If you’re gonna go off the rails, you may as well do it where you know people to bail you out.