Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Photos: Just Saggy, Sad at This Point

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Despite rumors that she'd returned home to vomit on American soil, Lindsay Lohan is still drunk in London and, man, is the actress' 27-year bender starting to take a toll on her looks.

Just last week Lindsay's drugged-out Instagram photos raised eyebrows amongst concerned fans, but these pics of Lindsay attempting to look her best but still looking aged well beyond her years may be even more upsetting.

Lindsay attended a charity ball called Gabrielle's Gala last night and reportedly stumbled onto the red carpet in a way that made onlookers feel that the troubled starlet could use a bit of charity herself.

No doubt Anna Wintour took one look at these photos and instantly congratulated herself on not inviting Lindsay to the 2014 MET Gala.

Clearly, Lindsay thought she looked great last night (further evidence that she's finally ingested all of the world's cocaine), as she posted several selfies and posed red carpet shots to her Twitter page.

Needless to say, some of the tweets she received in reply were less than flattering. But Lindsay still has her supporters, of course, and we likely have that chorus of Yes Men to thank for delusional photos like the ones in the gallery above. 

What do you think? Is Lindsay looking frighteningly unhealthy these days, or is she simply the victim of some bad lighting?


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