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It’s official for the time being. Levi Johnston has finally paid Bristol Palin, the 19-year-old mother of his one-year-old son Tripp, the back child support that was owed to her.

Johnston’s lawyer recently hand delivered a check in the amount of $21,561.12 to Palin’s attorney, who has reported that the check cleared the bank.

Levi is ordered to pay Bristol $1,750 per monthly for the care of their son. Where is he getting the money? Out of his pocket according to his lawyer.

Johnston, 19, appeared on the cover of Playgirl magazine in January. We do not know how much money he received for taking it off, but we are guessing that is how he was able to pay back Bristol – but we do find it interesting that it took him several months to fork it over. As far as his future work plans, time will tell.

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